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Monday, October 29, 2012


Just two more days to Halloween!  Before the electricity goes out, I would just like to wish everyone in the United States and its territories a happy Halloween.  I am writing this and a huge cyclone by the name of Hurricane Sandy is about to hit.  I just now wrote this poem to document this storm because of course the electricity will go out.  And that means I will not be online in the coming days including Halloween hence this poem.  Have a safe Halloween and don't party too hard.  God keep and God bless, jt

Lights out.
Glow in the dark costume
Air as cold as ice
Can't see.
Like a nightmare
Wickedly sequenced.
Trick or treating.
Mission I am on.
Cut short.
By this blackout.
Sandy's coming.
Sinister sister.
No mercy.
I'm a pirate.
Bag empty.
Home here I return.
Everyone's gone home.
Just I and something.
Relentless mistress.
Gust of ice.
Rattles my all.
Oh oh.
Die Tusi die.
Whisper of death.
From her.
She's slowly creeping behind.
Hurry Tusi hurry!
Run Tusi run!
Voices in my head.
I'm crying, crying, crying.
Lights out.
Everyone's gone home.
Just me and her.
Hurricane Sandy.
A smile in the dark.
I'm panting, panting, panting
Home sweet home.
I run to you.
Safe and warm.
Ha, ha, ha, ha
She's right behind me
L(aughing) O(ut) L(oud)
Hissing, howling, cackling
Why Blackout now?
Of all nights.
Wee, wee, wee
I will get you Tusi!
Sandy's song.
A violent symphony
I feel knives.
Ohhh my knees.
Townhouse up ahead.
No streetlights.
Just run...
Then I'll be home.
Safe and sound.
From Miss Sandy.
Batter up.
Home here I come.
Ready, set...
But suddenly I'm frozen.
Stab, stab, stab
She's right behind me.
Die Tusi die.
She's a natural disaster.
And here I am,
Falling, falling, falling
Oh Father who art in heaven.
My last cry.
As I lie on the snow just inches from my front door.
Though not dead.
Hurricane Sandy.
She came, she conquered
Her wrath is all over me.
She's a force to be reckoned with.
Such fury when a woman's scorned.
My family's voices all around me.
I'm home but...
Evil has won.
I'm out..

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