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Monday, January 21, 2013


Me and the beautiful wax figures of President Obama and First Lady
Michelle at the Madam Tussauds DC museum in 2010.  (Photo: Jamztoma)
Just a little something to commemorate today's great event in America's history: the 2nd swearing in of POTUS: Barack Obama.  It is a way for me to get in on the spirit for his second term presidency!!!  My greatest well-wishes for him and his darling family:  First Lady Michelle and first daughters: Malia and Sasha.  God keep and God bless, jt

I remember
I shall remember
forever and ever
will remember
never un-remember
this January month 
and 2013 year.

I shall keep
this month and year 
in my memories indeed
here in Washington, DC
This event
a great event
of Obama as President
for the second time
of the United States
of America
So sublime.

I believe
in fulfilled dreams
I believe
in his presidency
I believe and seek
truth and peace
justice and honesty
and his unique legacy
God speed.

I believe as I weep
as I absolutely,
very dearly,
love him and
his being from
Polynesia: Hawaii.

I salute
the American flag
and all the women
and all the men
who have died 
and/or fought
for my freedom
and your freedom
oh such patriotism.
Fa'afetai ladies and gentlemen!

And I remember
yes I remember
shall remember
always remember
never ever
the forefathers
of yester years.

I feel triumphant
for you President
your wife and children 
so God-sent,
from the heavens
I feel happiness
and content
and pleasant
for your highnesses.

First family,
first lady,
first daughter,
first second daughter
first father
first of firsts
and now second term
you own the universe!

President Obama,
talofa, talofa
aloha, aloha
bula, bula
kia ora, kia ora
ofa, ofa
iaorana, iaorana
malo atu lava!

I shall remember
I will always remember
I will never ever
un-remember, un-remember
this month, day, and year altogether
forever and ever
happily ever after.

I shall remember
forever and ever
you President Obama.
God be with you
Always with you
for eternity

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