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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

JAMZ' TALKS: Getting Yourself a FREE KINDLE from Amazon.com

My free kindle library all bought from Amazon.com (photo:  Jamztoma)
     Reading is such a fun activity right?  Hell yeah!!!  I started reading in first grade at Pago Pago Elementary School back in 1986 where my first book was a class text called, "Sun Up" starring Buffy and Mack...lol.  I remember those two characters' names because everyone in my class would be reading: 
     "Buffy and Mack..."
     "Buffy went up.  Mack went up" and so and so...
     Ever since then, I have always read ALL SORTS OF BOOKS THERE ARE!!!  
     I owe my teachers throughout my early childhood years a really BIG THANK YOU from my heart for all they did in helping me learn how to read and write.
     Anyway, today I am going to talk about getting a free kindle.  HOW TO GET FREE KINDLES cause I am not familiar with nooks.  In this age and era, the world of electronics have come up with the kindle and the ebook as a substitute or a replacement of the old-fashioned way of reading a book on your lap, turning the pages, looking at the summaries in the back of the book, the beautiful artwork on the front cover and so and so.  Of course that is still fun to me but in case there will come a time when the world has to completely say farewell, bon voyage, bye-bye-bye to the book and hello to the ebook and kindle, I am writing this to let you know how to get a free kindle via amazon.com.  Got a PC, laptop, iPad, and/or a Blackberry?  Well, here's how:

1.  Copy and paste this into your browser:
and press enter.

2.  Once you get to that page, scroll down to where it says DOWNLOAD ONE OF OUR FREE KINDLE READING APPS and click on the type of device you have.  In my case, it was under 

3.  and then follow the instructions that come up!!!

     And now that you have your kindle, as with others who do, you can always check on here for posts of free or low priced ebook offers that I have stumbled upon.  This is all in the spirit of READING IS FUN and LITERACY 2013 that I support wholeheartedly.  If you have any book reports, reviews you'd like to post on here as well, please let me know by emailing them to me @:  jamztoma@gmail.com.  Enjoy your day with your free kindle now!!!  hahaha  God bless, JAMZTOMA 

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