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Monday, April 22, 2013


some uses for water.  (photo: Christina Maiava Schaff)
Hello!  I am giving you this lyrical poem today to satisfy your thirst as I am taking a long break from the blog to work on my first manuscript for publication.  Here's a little poem just for my loyal readers.  I am still waiting for your poetry and art submissions.  Come on!  I know you are out there for I have numerous readers from Germany, France, Japan, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and also from Fiji and Samoa.  And of course tons from the USA.  So get your creativity out and sing, preach, cite, rap, dance, create, and show-off!!!  Have a great week and thank you for visiting my blog today!!!  :)  Jamztoma

She's clear about what she is
She's pure, that's the way she exists
A combination of oxy- and hydro-
Serves to quench dry throats
of us island people

Water you are our lover
Each other,
We're thirsty for one another
All year it's sunny weather
Ice water,
Satisfy our hunger

He's smooth from the lower Earth
He's cool, has no heat that burns
An elixir for islanders to bathe and swim in
Serves to eliminate all our aches and pains

Water you're a potion for happiness
that also showers upon us
from the gray, cloudy heavens
and that Jesus
used to bless His servants 
oh water
you're our life-giving source


  1. Very lovely! Without water we wouldn't be alive.
    Good luck on your manuscript, James!