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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


hello, hello, hello!  It is the month of May of the year 2013.
I just finished copying and pasting all of the poems of 2012 and Jan., Feb., Mar. into one Word document and am now ready to write the introduction or preface to the manuscript.  Pray for me, pls.  On another note, I felt like I have abandoned my loyal readers too long and so I've posted this one for your reading pleasure....and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  I am not egotistical or arrogant with this poem.  I just came up with it as I was reading the mythical creation story of Samoa by the god, Tagaloalagi that is available when you google "Sacred Texts" and then click on the first result where you then click on Pacific and then Samoa.  I hope you enjoy this one.  I had originally wanted to write this poem out as "Jamztoma's Creation Story of Samoa" but then again that one would have been controversial.  So I decided to call it The Island of Jamztoma's Creation Story


Long, long ago
Rainbow and Thunder co-existed
The people down below
were chaotic and misled
Roaming and roaming and roaming
from sea to shore to mountain-top
searching and searching and searching
for love from the Heaven-god
Whose name was He-who-dwells-in-the-skies
the child of Sun and Moon
one who was ancient and wise
one who knows the truth:
That Rainbow was born in Tonga
That Thunder was born in Fiji
That Sun originated in Samoa
and Moon in Tahiti.

Then He-who-dwells-in-the-skies
came down to the people below 
took the taupou o Sina for his wife
and disappeared into the vanimonimo
All who were present then perished
Just a good chief named Sa 
and his wife Vai'i who was pregnant
and their children o Tutui and La
Sa and Vai'i later died together
He-who-dwells-in-the-skies wept in sorrow
He named their premature daughter 
Savai'i the dawn in the morrow
And then Tutui and La united 
and became the island of Tutuila
They caused Rainbow and Thunder to become separated
and together created the island of Jamztoma.




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