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Saturday, June 8, 2013


I guess I have to drop in in case you all might think I have neglected all of you!  I am done with submitting my whole manuscript to a publisher for review and they have okay'ed it for printing.  All I must do is review and edit the proof that they will be sending me and then I approve the final product for distribution.  Many titles have been announced on my facebook (www.facebook.com/jamztoma) and my twitter (www.twitter.com/jamztoma) accounts and so far I have not made a decision yet. 

The following are some titles I came up with...

#1- Magical and Other Pasefika Poems by Jamztoma
#2- Dance to the Pasefika Beat: Pacific Island Lyrics by Jamztoma
#3- The Polynesian In Me: Poems and Art by Jamztoma
#4- Everything:  Poetry and Art From the Island of Jamztoma Blog

I thought about #1 but then that title for me is too 2002-ish for the first version of it was published back in 2001 and I had won an Editor's Award for it from Poetry.com in 2002 so it is ruled out.  I thought of #2 but then it was listed with #3 on my facebook account as a poll and the majority voted on #3.  But #3 does not cover the other personal poems I have on this blog which are not Polynesian-themed so I am tentatively thinking of titling this project with #4 for that poem really says it all. 

"I am every role I want to play"

The poems on this blog are written in various point of views, like in one poem I am a Hawaiian wahine enjoying the seabreeze (Under the Sun) and in another I am a Samoan tama hard at work (Blood and Sweat) and another I am a Tongan ta'ahine in tears over her military lover (Just Breathe) as well as a Maori guy having fun in the United States (Carefree).  So "Everything" is most fitting don't you all think?  To honor my Green theme I am going to give the front/back covers of the book the green color for it represents Polynesia and nature. 

And something great has happened in my personal life just recently but I will not disclose it on here.  God has been kind to me (like always) and I thank all those who have prayed for me and who have followed my blog over a year...  I am so so so happy right now I want to dance and shout all the way to Disney World Florida and back to my current home here in Silver Spring, MD.

alofa's and opo's,



  1. All those titles sound great! I like the green theme too :)

    1. thanks Julia. I'll let you know when it'll be available to buy online...hehehe