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Friday, July 12, 2013


Dearest loyal blog readers!
Today marks a great moment for this blog as just today, I have achieved 10,000 views since I started blogging at this address last year's May.  Isn't this wonderful news?  Thank you to all who have visited The Island of Jamztoma and are now continuing on with The Psalms Of Jamztoma.  It means so much to me and I wish God's blessings and nature's blessings on you all.  My first book of poetry titled, "The PASEFIKA Beat: Poems and Art From the Island of Jamztoma" will be released by the end of this month around my birthday so that's something to look forward to isn't it?!  Stay tuned, jt 

Ten-thousand views wow!
For this site right now!
Hard work it is you know?

Ten-thousand views choo-hoo!
On this day yoo-hoo!
Thank you and you and you and you too!

Ten-thousand views yay!
Confirmed for this site today!
Celebrate okay?