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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Written as a tribute to Katy Perry's anthemic "Roar."  That I fully understand where she's coming from.  I used some of her lyrics in writing this, like "tiger", "lion", "roar", and "champion."

When life is distressing
and stressing, depressing
and you're in a mess 
not feeling your best
and you're put to the test
by the haters and the rest.
you're feeling like a wounded tiger
and you don't see any good in your future...

Hey you got the power!
to stand up and not be a coward
Hey you got the colors!
to show everyone your inner tiger

The bullies they drive you crazy
Religion is making you weak
Though there's power in humility
at times you got to be upbeat
cause you're being put to the test
by the haters and the rest
you're feeling like a wounded lion
but you want to be a champion...

So you got to persevere!
to have the strength not to fear
So you can show your inner power!
to give everyone a great big roar

Roar to the haters
Roar to the bullies
Roar to the fakers
Roar to your enemies