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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hey Chloe
I know the hurt you're feeling
Don't you cry while you're sleeping
The Lord is by your side waiting

For the night to become morning
So you can rise and be smiling
Void to all of the scolding
Inside of your mind talking

And when you start laughing
The Lord is by your side watching
He will keep you from sinning
He makes your life amazing

Hey Chloe
I know the pain you're hurting
No worries you keep on living
The weak and the meek are for dying

But you I want you to be rejoicing
Cause you keep on winning
You and me together celebrating
All your victories from losing

So I hear you yawning
And the Lord is near you darling
You've come a long way fighting
You yourself is one of God's blessings



  1. that is some nice encouragment in here... i had a melody in my mind when reading this...a song from a friend for a friend

  2. I agree with Claudia,, this should be sung.. definitely...

  3. If I were Chloe, I would feel much comforted and empowered! And yes, I too agree about it reading like a song. :)

  4. She herself is a blessing! Not just the receiver but the giver--how comforting and restful to know that! I like too the change in your blog banner. That picture iof you is great. It is you, right?

  5. What a wonderful poem...a true gift to a friend...especially like the last verse

  6. What beautiful love and constancy he has for Chloe.

  7. Beautifully written, compassion in a world of pain.

  8. Words of encouragement - Chloe definitely needs it and you have given her more than enough. Hope she is fine by now.

  9. Such strong feelings here, James. It sounds as if she has already come a long way & that she is much loved.

  10. it is cool when you can see the change in their lives...and how god is moving in their lives...and she that with them...sometimes we get so close to a situation we can not see it and it takes someone pointing it out to us....

  11. He is near... though many don't believe... our circumstances tend to tie us up

  12. Yes, this would make the most wonderful song. So encouraging and loving and supportive, everything Chloe needs to know she has a true friend in this world. Beautiful, James.

  13. Love the tenderness and truth of your feelings for Chloe, James - a lovely read for me... With Best Wishes Scott wwwscotthastie.com

  14. There is a melodic quality to this poem. I like the repetition. And I wonder what Chloe might be like.

  15. I wish we all received this type of kindness when we're discouraged or sad. It takes a good friend to take the time to be so loving.