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Monday, October 28, 2013

JAMZ' VENTURES: Holies At the Spanish Catholic Center On Georgia Avenue

The Spanish Catholic Center's Church
12247 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20902
Yesterday at 8:30 am (EST), me and mom attended mass at the Spanish Catholic Center's church here on Georgia Avenue near the Glenmont metro and our home in Silver Spring, Maryland.  The photos below are those of holies found within this church.  Enjoy!
The centerpiece of the church's altar, the
Holy Crucifix of Jesus Christ, my Savior.

Magical one of mystery
all of your charms have worked on me
I will surrender myself
Oh my Lord of Heaven high
you have opened up my eyes
And I am finally healed.
                 - modified lyrics to "Spiritual" by Katy
                   Perry from her album PRISM (2013).

Oh my Jesus,
my Lord, my impetus
for living and rejoicing
help me stop sinning
so I can achieve paradise
and eternal life
with you forever
and ever and ever

To the left of the crucifix, is this sacred image
of the Blessed Virgin as Our Lady of
She's so high
high above me
she's so lovely

She's so high
like Cleopatra,
Joan of Arc, or Aphrodite.
      - chorus to "She's So High" by Tal Bachman
        from his self-titled album (1999).

Si o'u alofa Maria/ Ua tumu oe I le kalasia/
Ua ia te oe le Ali'i/ Ua manuia oe I fafine uma/
Ua manuia o Iesu/ Le fua o lou alo

Maria paia e,/ Tina o le Atua/
Ia e talosia I matou o tagata agasala/
I ona po nei ma le ituaso o le matou oti

         - Si O'u Alofa Maria (Samoan version of the
           Hail Mary prayer of the Holy Rosary.

St. Joseph and Baby Jesus to the
right of the crucifix above.

 St. Francis raising his hands to greet
three doves.

A Spanish image of the Blessed Virgin
with her son, Our Savior Jesus Christ.

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