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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hello my Saints and Legends! 

I just got home from attending the 9am Sunday Mass at the National Shrine of The Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC.  I am on cloud 9 right now because I just prayed before St. Peter's Relics (His blessed and holy remains) and took a picture of them for The Psalms here.  It is related to this blog's current themes of living the religious life, trying to achieve my American dream and as well as trying to battle my inner demons in order to attain the ultimate level of enlightenment.  I am also taking the recreational and informative College course of Intro to Humanities to learn about all things art, music, literature, architecture, and theater.  And I am LOVING it all at the moment!!!

Have a great Sunday you all!  And don't be a stranger....leave a comment or two on one of these posts any day now.  I love you all.


P.S. I mentioned in a comment to a friend of mine on facebook that I am planning a book based on these posts here on The Psalms of Jamztoma to be released sometime in late 2014 or early 2015.  Who knows?!  I'll pray about it and if God sees it as a part of my journey then it will happen.  If not, I will go out and sell peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the citizens of Silver Spring, Maryland...hahahaha. 

Saint Peter the Apostle and First Pope's Relics situated on a clothed table with flowers
underneath for public viewing and prayers.  (Photo: JAMZTOMA)

Another photo of St. Peter the apostle and first Pope's sacred Relics
in Washington, DC (Photo: JAMZTOMA)

Friday, November 8, 2013


Dedicated to my grandpa Nikolao Filipo and my grandma Kolotita Nikolao Filipo

(Sings my own version of some lyrics of Janet Jackson's Together Again):
There are times when I look above and beyond
There are times when I cry and sing my songs
Dedicated to your loves for me
I'll never forget your loves you see...

 I often pray that we will be together again
Someday when my journey will come to an end
As I lay ancient and fulfilled on my death bed
and all my dreams and goals are finally met
I will look to the roof and sing alleluiah!
and think of you grandpa and grandma!
over the years I have felt your presence
making my journey so blessed and pleasant

(sings my own version of some lyrics of Janet Jackson's Together Again):
Everywhere I went
Every smile I saw
I know you were there
The loving faces of God
and under the moonlight
Every cloudless, starry night
I would see your stars
Shining down so bright.

Together again we shall be
Up there in heaven you and me
We'll talk tales and wondrous stories
with hearts renewed and void of worry
I will sing with you among the angels and saints
and be in awe of how there is no pain
and no flaws and mistakes just bliss
Oh grandparents I see my afterlife is filled with happiness

(sings my own version of some lyrics of Janet Jackson's Together Again):
Everyday I'd pray
To live to the day
when you two and I
unite in paradise
and may God be so kind
press and hold rewind
so that we may return
to good ol' days on Earth 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Thank you!
God I thank you for your patience
I humbly ask for your guidance
I can't do it alone you know
I always have to have a role model
to follow, to look up to, and to submit to
I thank you God for my life
For all the things you did and will do for me- good and kind
When I was obscured and hungry you helped
When I wasn't sure and worried you gave yourself
and I am here to say:
Thank you Daddy
Thank you for the air I breathe
Thank you for healing my soul and my body
I owe my flesh and blood and bone to you
Thank you for being you
My Bible, my proverb of truth.
My Life, my Maker of all things new
I salute you.
I bow down to you, I venerate you.
Thank you!
God I thank you for your heart
For knocking always on my heart
(knock, knock, knock)
Hey God!
I open my eyes to you oh God!
You're all that I really want!
Thank you Pappy
Thank you for your love for the meek
It's hard and you're all that I seek
to be happy, to be alive, and to be free
I love you Oh Great King!
And later on tonight,
when I lay me down to sleep tight
I will go through my sins of the day and sigh
Oh Father cleanse my mind and memory I cry
Don't let the devil win that fiend of lies
And when I finally close my eyes
I thank you God for my adventurous life.


Sunday, November 3, 2013