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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Thank you!
God I thank you for your patience
I humbly ask for your guidance
I can't do it alone you know
I always have to have a role model
to follow, to look up to, and to submit to
I thank you God for my life
For all the things you did and will do for me- good and kind
When I was obscured and hungry you helped
When I wasn't sure and worried you gave yourself
and I am here to say:
Thank you Daddy
Thank you for the air I breathe
Thank you for healing my soul and my body
I owe my flesh and blood and bone to you
Thank you for being you
My Bible, my proverb of truth.
My Life, my Maker of all things new
I salute you.
I bow down to you, I venerate you.
Thank you!
God I thank you for your heart
For knocking always on my heart
(knock, knock, knock)
Hey God!
I open my eyes to you oh God!
You're all that I really want!
Thank you Pappy
Thank you for your love for the meek
It's hard and you're all that I seek
to be happy, to be alive, and to be free
I love you Oh Great King!
And later on tonight,
when I lay me down to sleep tight
I will go through my sins of the day and sigh
Oh Father cleanse my mind and memory I cry
Don't let the devil win that fiend of lies
And when I finally close my eyes
I thank you God for my adventurous life.


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