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Friday, November 8, 2013


Dedicated to my grandpa Nikolao Filipo and my grandma Kolotita Nikolao Filipo

(Sings my own version of some lyrics of Janet Jackson's Together Again):
There are times when I look above and beyond
There are times when I cry and sing my songs
Dedicated to your loves for me
I'll never forget your loves you see...

 I often pray that we will be together again
Someday when my journey will come to an end
As I lay ancient and fulfilled on my death bed
and all my dreams and goals are finally met
I will look to the roof and sing alleluiah!
and think of you grandpa and grandma!
over the years I have felt your presence
making my journey so blessed and pleasant

(sings my own version of some lyrics of Janet Jackson's Together Again):
Everywhere I went
Every smile I saw
I know you were there
The loving faces of God
and under the moonlight
Every cloudless, starry night
I would see your stars
Shining down so bright.

Together again we shall be
Up there in heaven you and me
We'll talk tales and wondrous stories
with hearts renewed and void of worry
I will sing with you among the angels and saints
and be in awe of how there is no pain
and no flaws and mistakes just bliss
Oh grandparents I see my afterlife is filled with happiness

(sings my own version of some lyrics of Janet Jackson's Together Again):
Everyday I'd pray
To live to the day
when you two and I
unite in paradise
and may God be so kind
press and hold rewind
so that we may return
to good ol' days on Earth 

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