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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Poster at Meditation Museum from early 2014
(photo: Jamztoma)

dear Saints and Legends,
it has been a great year for me towards the end.  read the poem below, you'll get to see what made 2014 a great year indeed.
May the Holy Spirit fill your hearts and minds this New Year's!!!

God bless,


Cheers to good in the world!
I have to say that for my last entry
Although my dreams weren't fulfilled
My 2014 will have great memories

Trip to San Francisco
Perfect grades at SNHU
Katy Perry's Prismatic Tour
Brother's big party at Glenview
What a great year!!!

In December I bought my first tablet
In the summer I bought my first Kindle gadget
In December I got my first Secret Admirer
This winter I got good comments from boss and supervisor
What a nice end to an uneventful year!!!

Cheers to good in the world!
Did I tell you about the good lady at Safeway?
Cheers to good in the world!
Did I tell you about my sister's adorable baby?

There were some moments of sorrow
There were some moments so hollow
But I relied on Jesus my hero
and He decreased my sadness to zero

(Cheers to the good Dove
It has made us triumphant
Thank you Good King God)

Cheers to good in the world!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


A variety of jamz from a family friend for Christmas (Photo: Jamztoma)

Sunny Christmas day
it was here in Silver Spring
so bright and golden
i should cherish these moments
You never came
I was to blame
at least I have my family with me

the food was delicious
pastry treats and cider drinks
boiled beef, rice, and a kiss
from mama dearest
yeah I should smile
at least I have my family with me

at Safeway earlier today
one shopper let me go first
in the line to the Cashier
said there are nice people still
in this world
She had a beautiful girl
and I had my family with me

Sunny Christmas day
what a blessed holiday
I felt loved, I felt blessed
I received a card from a family friend
I went to mass with my family
and I felt so good they are here with me.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Thanksgiving-themed scarecrow outside my brother's house
(Photo: Jamztoma)

Season's greetings friends
No bad news on this cold end
All your prayers worked.

-- jamztoma 

Friday, October 31, 2014


bouquet of flowers for mom (photo: jamztoma)

My purpose is found
in God's wonders all around
stay in the Lord's home.

- jamztoma

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


1-2 Stay in school
3-4 Do your chores
5-6 Game practice
7-8 Don't stay up late
9-10 Be a friend


I am A, B, C, D, E F, G
as well as H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P
then you are Q, R, S, T, U, V
and he's W, X, Y, and Z

We are the alphabet three
Alphabet three
We are the alphabet three
Him, you, me!


Jesus is my hero
He is my amigo
Jesus is my Savior
He is my brother!


Teeny Tummy Sloppy Joe
Go little TJ go, go, go!
Sappy Sassy Chili Millie
Sing little Jimmy, don't be silly!
Puffy Fluffy Lovey Dovey
It's your turn Jolly Molly!
Poppy Pappy Skippy Snappy
Nice day everyone be good, be happy!


Song: I Love You
Artist: Barney and Friends
Album: Perfectly Platinum 30 Dino-Mite Songs
From Youtube User: koolies1997 (thank you koolies1997!!!)

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Dear Saints and Legends,

For this Sunday's Poetry Pantry at Poets United, I have decided to write a Hindu-inspired 
poem called, "The Pigeon" for your entertainment.  It uses the Hindu as well as Buddhist
belief in reincarnation.  The Lord in this piece is referring to Lord Krishna and the term "samsara" is the endless cycle of reincarnation that most eastern religions believe in.  Have 
a blessed Sunday (new week) and may the great Krishna be with you.

I cry from the injustice
that has befallen me
in another time I was
a pigeon so free
Now I am a homeless man
outside a restaurant
living on scraps
found in trash cans

Lord what have I done to deserve this?

I have no life
I'm hanging on 
but I can't stop time
soon I'll be gone
Oh the days of soaring
the skies above
was an era of happiness
I truly loved

Lord can you bring back such bliss?

The Lord replied:

You often complain
when you have been given traits
that would allow you to rise
and have a good life
You are better off as a human
for you have intelligence
greater than a pigeon's

Each creation of mine
is unique and sublime
in their own beauties

Just know this then
a pigeon is lesser than a man
You were given multiple talents
when you were a young gentleman
So please stand up
I grant you another chance
to achieve betterment
for yourself my friend.

I said:

But I am weak
My bones and joints creak
My back hurts
My life is a curse
Are you sure Master?

The Lord replied:

How can you doubt the Creator?
the one who made the universe?
Haven't you seen and heard enough?
Haven't you tasted sweat and blood?
My word is the Word
I give it and you should concur
Now go forth and prosper
My angels will help you further
Just achieve and share.

I sang:

Forgive my impatience
and lack of faith 
With your words I praise
you always
But I think I'll fare much better
as a pigeon of the air
and on the streets
people will always feed 
me with delicious treats
and I'll get to see
all the beauties of the city
as well as the misdeeds

So Lord be merciful and kind
change me back 
to the pigeon me 
of a past life

The Lord replied:

I never bend 
with my words and decisions
for I am wisdom,
honor, and Brahman
Since you've damaged mine ears
with your moans and tears
I will grant your wish
only that you achieve bliss
and justice
the ones you stress
in this form you miss
the bird the pigeon. 

I sang:

Oh I will never regret
it is for the best.
I will feel my greatest
when I become it.

The Lord replied:

Change oh man
into a bird again
fly to the trees
of another time's city
and go in peace
may your sadness cease.

I sang:

Thank you Lord Krishna
for this gift of Samsara
My former form I reclaim
I must now rejoice
and fly away.

Song: Masakali
Musicians: Various Bollywood artists
Featured in the 2009 Bollywood film: Delhi-6
Video by Youtube User: T-Series (thank you T-Series!!!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


hello saints and legends, here's a poem I just wrote to end all doubts and nays about my religious poems on here.  I just think of the birds, beasts, and ocean dwellers as means to justify my happiness because they are blessed already by God with their beautiful forms, habitats, and duties in nature.  They fly, they roam, and they swim, without complaining.  They are grateful for their feathers, their furs, and their scales because without them, they could not live their lives to the fullest.  In the same way, we human beings should love and thank God for our individual blessings.  No need to complain, use our talents and abilities to the fullest to survive.  And that's what I am doing...Have a blessed day everyone!!! 

"I could sing of your love forever."

- chorus from a Christian song titled the same words
covered by many artists through the years.

My spirituality is genuine
I was raised by a Godly mother
Said the Rosary almost every night
Read the Bible from Genesis to Revelations
Listened to a Christian radio station
Loved Gospel-fused Pop music
or any with a religious twist

My faith in God is genuine
Said the Lord's prayer at school daily
To the elderly and disabled I'm always kind
Wore the brown Scapular religiously
Uttered a prayer always before bedtime
and also before meals and during rough times.

Although I may not be a churchgoer
I don't need to attend to be saved
I am genuine because my prayers have worked
I am alive because I've followed God's ways
My love for God is very real.

The shortcomings I have are there to mold
me into a Christ-like good soul
For no one in the world is 100 % perfect
Except God above who is the highest
and Mother Mary so immaculate
I am just grateful I am blessed.

I know it is better to not speak about it
But how am I going to inspire 
those who are lonely, poor, or sick?
I need to spread the tongues of fire
to everyone out there.
All this is genuine cause I care.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


a yellow/red bird at the National Zoo in Washington, DC
(Photo: Jamztoma)

"Perched high on a tree
God sang a song to greet me
a sweet melody."
- jamztoma

Song: Songbird
Artist: Kenny G
Album: Duotones (1986)
From Youtube User: KennyGVEVO (thanks KGVEVO)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Rest in peace Sir Williams
even though it wasn't your time
I'll mourn you always Robin
your ending is a sign

for me to be alert
to the evils of depression
for it is a taker of lives
a dark, melancholic condition

I pray I'll endure the trials
and tribulations of my journey
I pray for my survival
from the demons that follow me

Rest in peace Genie Patch Pan
never knew you were in pain
You were always the funny man
whose love was to entertain

Children everywhere are mourning
the news was a shock
I, myself have tried to block
the reality of its meaning.
I am struggling
with just a heart and a soul
my bones are weak and cold
my muscles diminishing
Robin my hero
It is wrong to judge you
I suffer the same battle
God don't let me go
Rest in peace Mr. Williams
May you soar high above the planet
You could have been saved
But what's done is done.
Mother Mary
There's got to be a way
to stop all these self-killings
it's an injustice I'll say
"Genie you're free," says Aladdin
in the Disney movie
that shall immortalize him
amongst then, now, and
future generations of children.
the above youtube video from user: murphfishing is dedicated to Robin Williams
who died of what the police have ruled a suicide yesterday, August 11, 2014.  It
is Susan Boyle of Great Britain's rendition of the song, "Hallelujah" from her
2010 release, "The Gift."  Enjoy and take a moment of silence to pray for Robin
Williams' precious soul.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


Song: Background
Artist: Lecrae feat. Andy Mineo
Album: Rehab (2010)
From Youtube User: Reach Records (thank you Reach Records!!!)
"God I'm on my knees
asking for your protection
for my life's journey."
- jamztoma

Saturday, August 2, 2014


I'm havin' so much fun
I never knew that life could be such a blast
I don't want to slow it down
now I'm with you I'm having so much fun

- Havin' So Much Fun,
by Area Code, Leenza Cornett
Album: One Big World (1991)
found on Spotify.com

this was written for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #212

Saturdays are my days of absolute rest
That's when I am either sleeping or online
or I am listening to music and having a great time
Thanks to the world wide web

On Saturday,
I have no cares for the world all over
I am cruising with my lover
while friends in the backseat holler:
This is the life, awesome day!
I enjoy my Saturdays thank you very much
This is when I facebook with friends
to keep in touch.
This is when I visit the local mall
or to go run my usual, personal errands
or going to soccer practice, wish me luck!
On Saturday,
I would do my laundry
wash my clothes soiled and dirty
then turn the TV on to watch a comedy
to hear Monique say, "hey!"
I love my Saturdays like crazy
This is when I am gathering ideas
and not being lazy
This is when I am composing a poem
or being busy in my garden of petunias
or reading the Book of Psalms maybe.
On Saturday,
I meditate by myself in my room
relaxing to peaceful music by some guru
I'm planted, fed, watered, and bloomed
for an hour until my spirits are raised.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Photo courtesy: JAMZTOMA

"You are a blessing

created to be with me

It's your generous heart."

Monday, July 7, 2014


Song: Keep the Faith
Artist: Jo Dee Messina
Album: Unmistakable Inspiration (2010)
From Youtube User: Soul Patrol (thanks Soul Patrol!!!)


dear saints and legends,
as the music video above testifies, remember that sometimes we have to walk through the darkness to get to the light.  to crawl in order to climb, to fall in order to rise.  but as i've learned throughout my days, sometimes talk is pride and some of us are guilty of that.  i still have to uphold and keep this blog going because i feel it in my heart that it is therapy.  it helps me jot down my daily struggles, my frustrations, and yes my triumphs and losses.  please God forgive me of the sin of pride if that's my error.  show us the way to walk in life and the way to conduct ourselves in our daily lives.  you own our souls so guide us through each day, make it a blessing instead of a curse.  we are burdened by so much worries and so much failures, just show us the righteous path.  God, we love you and we bow down to you.  always.


Lesson learned today
You can't control fate
It's not fair.

Strong heart, ill body
Mind has become weak
I declare.

No more sentences
Just live life and accept
Be sincere.

Again I'm depressed
I have to confess
Oh dear.

From here to there
The earth's four corners
I'm all over.

God show them 
My errors and problems
I really care. 

But thankful for life
Another day I survive

Monday, June 30, 2014

HAIKU -22: 5-IN-1

Good evening my Saints and Legends,
This is my last poem for this month.  I seem to end each month with a haiku, so it's a habit that needs to be fixed so that I post haiku's in the middle but not the end of a month.  So tonight I've written 5 haikus for 1 post so that's where the title of 5-in-1 came from.  It took me 1 hour to write all of these so yay me!!!  Have a blessed, good night and talk to you later.
This busy Monday
a lot of work was given
I had no complaints
On the bus ride home
I felt so tired but free
For now I suppose
My God at my side
Thank you for your gift of strength
That makes me survive
Dinner was fried fish
and sausages and brown rice
Foods that I relish
Toshiba laptop
My fingers on its keyboard
are typing non-stop.


Saturday, June 14, 2014


Song: I Believe
Artist: The Altar Boyz
Performance: New World Stages Off-broadway
From Youtube User: Tamra Sheehan
My father for father's day America
is my God above, Abba/Allah/Jehovah
This is because He was there
when I was up all night crying and scared
when I was being bullied and teased
when I was an outcast and a freak
when I was at death's door
when I hit a table and down to the floor
when I needed someone strong and able
when I was being mad and unstable
when I celebrate my annual birthdays
when I had no father on Father's days
when I got into disputes and all that were unfair
when I made a mistake and didn't care
when I graduated from elementary and high school
when I wanted someone to teach me manhood
when I began to fall in love with the then-forbidden
when I was hungry for advice on lover-friends
I look back today and I coronate
Abba father for being at my side always
for making sure I wake up in the morning happy
for making sure I am protected from enemies
for making sure I feel confident and fine
for making sure I survive the hard times
for making sure I was healed and renewed
for making sure I am okay and good
for making sure I appreciate my birthdays
for making sure I give love to a dad on Father's days
for making sure I apologize for my actions
for making sure I behave well and give compassion
for making sure I pass elementary and high school
for making sure I am mature and not a fool
for making sure I am able to love unconditionally
for making sure I am loved equally
I look back today and I celebrate
my Abba father for his love always.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Song: This Is Your Life
Artist: Switchfoot
Album: The Beautiful Letdown (2003)
From Youtube User: ImaginationPrincess

Written for Poets United Midweek Motif ~ The Number Thirteen
At 13, I hid inside
the confined interior of my
Pago Pago house
scared of meeting classmates
anywhere because I dropped out
I feared their questions and
their curiosities over why
I missed school a lot.
I also feared the next school year
because I might repeat 7th grade
since I was a dropout.
It was the beginning of my imprisonment
as well as my fantasy land
I guess it would be the first year
of me regarding the world with fear
Guilty, I was just 13.
At 13, I paid attention to music,
and I was a lanky, skinny kid.
I had my girlish figure
and was a playground hater.
I bought Madonna's Erotica cassette
never blinking at its sensual,
graphic, steamy, adult contents.
I never saw its singles' videos
and I wrote a childish, winning essay
using the female genitalia song
Secret Garden...
Bible-belt Tutuila as well as I
never thought about it...
On my part, I pictured a thorny
red rose in mom's garden
reaching puberty from her
seed infanthood.
I was just 13 then.
At 13, I still went to 8th grade
With my past academic performances, I was saved.
(Thanks to Principal Stevenson my hero)
That year, I was introduced to the computer
Brenda, nice lady, taught me ClarisWorks.
I drew, I created flyers, I typed out stories
I was basking in its techno glories
It was the year 1993.
President Bill Clinton's presidency
I was young but quite curious
King's Carrie, Steel's Jewels,
and Blatty's Exorcist
My mental virginity was taken
and at 13 this all happened.

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Artwork at Meditation Museum, Silver Spring, MD (USA)
(photo: Jamztoma)
"Avoid foolish talk
Action is so much better
Dreams achieved much more"
- Jamztoma


Tuesday, May 13, 2014


"Run away and never learn
Stay in place and you will earn
Run away and never gain
Stay in place and you will attain."
- Jamztoma

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


"The journey is long
made easy by reading Psalms
my despair's gone, gone."


Thursday, April 24, 2014


Every time I lie down to sleep
and cross myself with my rosary
I would anticipate the being
that comes to me unseen
with kisses wet and sweet
upon my eyelids and my cheeks
then lies so lightly above me
and presses herself so tenderly
as she moves like the sea
a lover in the dark she seems.
I have called her my secret lover
because no one knows our affair
making this a happy ending
to a day filled with gloom and suffering
And every time I'd respond
by sighing and giving a nod
She would force my lips apart
and slide her tongue in so far
near towards my throat
and we are suddenly afloat
making sweet love in the dark
without the touching of naked parts
like a dream from a fairy lore
I wanted it to go on until the morn
I have called her my guardian angel
because the experience is so wonderful
helping me maintain my chastity
so I would always be pure and clean.
Song: Dreams
Artist: The Cranberries
Album: Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can't We?
Youtube User: djuka4you 


Sunday, April 20, 2014


Hey everyone!
Happy Easter Sunday okay?
God bless each and everyone of you.
Not Christian?  May the day bless you with rebirth and sunshine.
Kiss a loved one and tell her/him I Love You
For God loves you most of all
He dwells in the skies
Looking upon us

Here's a song from the late Whitney Houston to commemorate 
Jesus' victory over the devil and his minions.
Yes, I'll hasten to His throne.
I can run to Jesus!
I love you Jay.

Surely I respect the Lord.
I'm no hypocrite
I'm a sinner
but still,

I Love the Lord.

Song: I Love the Lord
Artist: Whitney Houston
Album: The Preacher's Wife Soundtrack Album (1996)
Youtube video by: MsAriesluvsMJKING

Thursday, March 13, 2014

JAMZ' VENTURES: A Trip To the Meditation Museum

A business card and PEACE gemstone from the Meditation Museum
in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The Meditation Museum
8236 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
Hours: 11am - 6pm
     Hello my Saints and Legends!!!  I guess it's that time again to talk about my adventures here in Silver Spring, Maryland where I am currently living.  I was searching the Internet for a center of meditation here and guess what?!  I stumbled upon the Meditation Museum located on 8236 Georgia Avenue just a ten-minute walk from the Silver Spring transit center.  So on Tuesday, March 11, I went to the Hair Cuttery first at the Glenmont Shopping Center to cut my hair then I took one of the county's Y-buses to Downtown Silver Spring to get to the museum.

     Upon my entering the museum, walls filled with framed quotes greeted me and these were just a couple of them:


     Next, I walked up a staircase to the second floor and was greeted with great hospitality by one of the museum's staff members who is pictured here with me in the salesroom. 

 She was also my tour guide who showed me the museum's different sections devoted to the three monotheistic religions: 
Christianity: the cross on which Jesus died, the Last Supper,
Madonna and Child Icon, and a figure of Mary and baby Jesus.
Judaism: Torah and the menorah

    Islam: the Koran, the prayer beads, the picture of Mecca,
             and a framed golden Islamic symbol.    

                                and then these two main Eastern religions:                                   

Buddhism: the two depictions of Siddhartha Gautama

Hinduism: Shiva and other symbols
and then I paused to have another staff member snap photos of me next to two meditative posters:

the Man Mana Bhava and the Universal Light posters.  The
Man Mana Bhavi states that a Supreme being goes by
different names to different religions: Shiva (Hinduism),
Jehovah and God (used both by Christians and Jews), and
Allah (Islam).  The Universal Light contains all the phrases
of world religions out there.
and this is me at a corner next to a little statue of the Buddha.

and after that...

and that's me underneath a meditative tree where just behind stands
a white-clothed Buddha figure.

Everything in the museum was meditative and positive.  I walked around where the museum holds its meditation classes and marveled at this piece of art with the familiar two-finger sign for PEACE.  I, of course, took a photo of it.

the Hand of Victory.

and when it was time to leave, I bought myself this PEACE green gem for its charming beauty. 

 The Meditation Museum trip was an experience to remember as the artworks were true to its soothing theme, the atmosphere was truly peaceful and calm, the employees were very welcoming, admission was FREE, and it was easy access to the public as I've mentioned that it is near the Silver Spring metro station.  I highly recommend this tranquil place for peace of mind and enlightenment.


Email: MeditationMuseum@gmail.com
Website: www.MeditationMuseum.org / www.bkwsu.org
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/AmericaMeditating