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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Howdy Saints and Legends!

I guess it's snowing outside all day today...bummer bummer.  You know why I said bummer?  Because of the snow shoveling that I dread is coming up later on today.  Yup!  Meaning me and my brother are going out when the snow stops falling to clear our front yard of it.  And how muscle-straining it will be!!!  LOL.  In the meantime, I have started on my meditations for the day with my brother's book that I borrowed from his library earlier this morning.  Here it is:

Our Sunday Visitor's Catholic Encyclopedia edited by Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas, PhD, STL

And here's a snapshot of what I was reading.  It's the book's thoughts on meditation.  Can you read it completely?  Meditation is a combo of prayer and reflection during which the individual is thinking about God through numerous images.  The image that came to mind as I was reading this entry is a light bulb and God is its brightness casting all the doubts of darkness away.

Entry on "Meditation" in the Catholic Encyclopedia I am reading today.

And while I was reading the above passage, I was eating strawberry-flavored cake that I baked this morning.  I had flushed it down with a small glass of 2% milk from the local supermarket.  

A piece of strawberry cake with a small glass of milk.  don't assume I'm on a diet though...

And this is how a view of outside is right now.  The snow has accumulated on the ground and on this structure and cherub that stands in the backyard.  It was so freezing cold when I opened the window to take a picture of it.  When I was living in the islands I constantly dreamed about snow and how it would look and feel in actuality.  But now that it's been 10 and a half years since I lived in the snowy parts of America, that I have walked on it and experienced it and all, I tell you it's a beauty and a monster all in one.  First of all, it looks beautiful from inside the house but when you are an adult and you have to take the bus to work or school, it is a peeve...  And of course the hard shoveling that has to be done to clear your front and back yards of it.  You also can't drive in your car through it if it is too much for your wheels to handle.  (Note: not everyone feels the same way though.)  It is fun for kids cause they get to play in it without shoveling it....and that school is always cancelled for them.  

The snow-covered ground and backyard.

So that's what this snow day has been like for me.  I also need to complete my homework for the current module of Humanities 202 that I am studying online at a northeastern university.  My life is balanced at the moment!!!  Thanks God and thanks for reading and following.  It's a pleasure!

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