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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

OH 2014

Happy New Year's everyone!!!  Be happy, be safe, be free, and be nice.

In 2014,
what will my future be?
what am I going to see...
in 2014.

Will I still be solo?
Am I expecting to get gold
where will myself go?
back to Pago Pago?
oh yes, oh no...

I still got plans for 2014
Up here in this season-changing scene
Land of the brave and mighty
oh help me 2014.

Am I going to be married?
Am I going to succeed?
Am I going to fall beneath?
Am I going to be free?

In 2014 oh
Will I still be alone?
Am I going to realize my goals?
Where will I be tomorrow?

I still got goals for the next 11 months
I know that they can't see my thoughts
I must learn to let go of negativity
I'm concerned: will they leave me be?

Are you going to change my destiny?
Why do you appear sad and then happy?
Do you see something I don't see
What do you have in store for me?

Oh 2014,
Trust in God, I believe...

Here's a Youtube video of a song from Lea Michele who plays 
Rachel Berry on Fox's hit tv show: GLEE.  This song will be on her 
forthcoming CD: Louder.  It's dedicated to all those who, like 
myself, need to come into the light of the Lord and flourish their 
God-given talents for the world to see.  No more mourning, no 
more feeling trapped.  Just fly into the sun and be a number 1!

Song: Cannonball
Artist: Lea Michele
Album: Louder (2014)
Youtube video: Evren Lyrics...thanks Evren!!!

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