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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Happy Tuesday my Saints and Legends!

Today marks the beginning of a new feature on my blog called, "Thoughts."  It will be consisted of inspirational, positive, and meditative quotes, thoughts, and prayers from various peoples across the world.  To celebrate this new part of the blog, I asked a Twitter follower and friend of mine to submit something.  His name is Luke Whitehouse and he is a believer of Jesus Christ who tweets often about his Christian faith and beliefs.  Luke is a student, Educationalist, and Research Psychologist based in Nottingham, Great Britain.  I would like to publicly thank Luke Whitehouse for his submission.   Now I want you to focus on the meaning of his post below and if have anything nice to say, then comment below.


Luke Whitehouse on twitter.com



It's interesting when we look at Numbers 15:38 that every Hebrew had tassels on the corner of their garments. What's interesting is, the word 'tassel' comes from the Hebrew root word 'wings'. Every Hebrew had wings at the bottom of their garments. Malachi used this word, when prophesying about Jesus saying that, "Jesus will come with healing in His wings" (Mal 4:2). You know, when Jesus eventually arrived on the scene, an unclean woman came to him. She had no money and spent the majority of her life in humiliation through bleeding. You know what she did? She touched the tassels, the wings on Jesus' garment.. And guess what? She was healed (Luke 8:43-48). 

Do we recognize that it's Jesus that is the great healer?

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