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Monday, June 30, 2014

HAIKU -22: 5-IN-1

Good evening my Saints and Legends,
This is my last poem for this month.  I seem to end each month with a haiku, so it's a habit that needs to be fixed so that I post haiku's in the middle but not the end of a month.  So tonight I've written 5 haikus for 1 post so that's where the title of 5-in-1 came from.  It took me 1 hour to write all of these so yay me!!!  Have a blessed, good night and talk to you later.
This busy Monday
a lot of work was given
I had no complaints
On the bus ride home
I felt so tired but free
For now I suppose
My God at my side
Thank you for your gift of strength
That makes me survive
Dinner was fried fish
and sausages and brown rice
Foods that I relish
Toshiba laptop
My fingers on its keyboard
are typing non-stop.


Saturday, June 14, 2014


Song: I Believe
Artist: The Altar Boyz
Performance: New World Stages Off-broadway
From Youtube User: Tamra Sheehan
My father for father's day America
is my God above, Abba/Allah/Jehovah
This is because He was there
when I was up all night crying and scared
when I was being bullied and teased
when I was an outcast and a freak
when I was at death's door
when I hit a table and down to the floor
when I needed someone strong and able
when I was being mad and unstable
when I celebrate my annual birthdays
when I had no father on Father's days
when I got into disputes and all that were unfair
when I made a mistake and didn't care
when I graduated from elementary and high school
when I wanted someone to teach me manhood
when I began to fall in love with the then-forbidden
when I was hungry for advice on lover-friends
I look back today and I coronate
Abba father for being at my side always
for making sure I wake up in the morning happy
for making sure I am protected from enemies
for making sure I feel confident and fine
for making sure I survive the hard times
for making sure I was healed and renewed
for making sure I am okay and good
for making sure I appreciate my birthdays
for making sure I give love to a dad on Father's days
for making sure I apologize for my actions
for making sure I behave well and give compassion
for making sure I pass elementary and high school
for making sure I am mature and not a fool
for making sure I am able to love unconditionally
for making sure I am loved equally
I look back today and I celebrate
my Abba father for his love always.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Song: This Is Your Life
Artist: Switchfoot
Album: The Beautiful Letdown (2003)
From Youtube User: ImaginationPrincess

Written for Poets United Midweek Motif ~ The Number Thirteen
At 13, I hid inside
the confined interior of my
Pago Pago house
scared of meeting classmates
anywhere because I dropped out
I feared their questions and
their curiosities over why
I missed school a lot.
I also feared the next school year
because I might repeat 7th grade
since I was a dropout.
It was the beginning of my imprisonment
as well as my fantasy land
I guess it would be the first year
of me regarding the world with fear
Guilty, I was just 13.
At 13, I paid attention to music,
and I was a lanky, skinny kid.
I had my girlish figure
and was a playground hater.
I bought Madonna's Erotica cassette
never blinking at its sensual,
graphic, steamy, adult contents.
I never saw its singles' videos
and I wrote a childish, winning essay
using the female genitalia song
Secret Garden...
Bible-belt Tutuila as well as I
never thought about it...
On my part, I pictured a thorny
red rose in mom's garden
reaching puberty from her
seed infanthood.
I was just 13 then.
At 13, I still went to 8th grade
With my past academic performances, I was saved.
(Thanks to Principal Stevenson my hero)
That year, I was introduced to the computer
Brenda, nice lady, taught me ClarisWorks.
I drew, I created flyers, I typed out stories
I was basking in its techno glories
It was the year 1993.
President Bill Clinton's presidency
I was young but quite curious
King's Carrie, Steel's Jewels,
and Blatty's Exorcist
My mental virginity was taken
and at 13 this all happened.