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Monday, June 30, 2014

HAIKU -22: 5-IN-1

Good evening my Saints and Legends,
This is my last poem for this month.  I seem to end each month with a haiku, so it's a habit that needs to be fixed so that I post haiku's in the middle but not the end of a month.  So tonight I've written 5 haikus for 1 post so that's where the title of 5-in-1 came from.  It took me 1 hour to write all of these so yay me!!!  Have a blessed, good night and talk to you later.
This busy Monday
a lot of work was given
I had no complaints
On the bus ride home
I felt so tired but free
For now I suppose
My God at my side
Thank you for your gift of strength
That makes me survive
Dinner was fried fish
and sausages and brown rice
Foods that I relish
Toshiba laptop
My fingers on its keyboard
are typing non-stop.


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