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Monday, July 14, 2014


Photo courtesy: JAMZTOMA

"You are a blessing

created to be with me

It's your generous heart."

Monday, July 7, 2014


Song: Keep the Faith
Artist: Jo Dee Messina
Album: Unmistakable Inspiration (2010)
From Youtube User: Soul Patrol (thanks Soul Patrol!!!)


dear saints and legends,
as the music video above testifies, remember that sometimes we have to walk through the darkness to get to the light.  to crawl in order to climb, to fall in order to rise.  but as i've learned throughout my days, sometimes talk is pride and some of us are guilty of that.  i still have to uphold and keep this blog going because i feel it in my heart that it is therapy.  it helps me jot down my daily struggles, my frustrations, and yes my triumphs and losses.  please God forgive me of the sin of pride if that's my error.  show us the way to walk in life and the way to conduct ourselves in our daily lives.  you own our souls so guide us through each day, make it a blessing instead of a curse.  we are burdened by so much worries and so much failures, just show us the righteous path.  God, we love you and we bow down to you.  always.


Lesson learned today
You can't control fate
It's not fair.

Strong heart, ill body
Mind has become weak
I declare.

No more sentences
Just live life and accept
Be sincere.

Again I'm depressed
I have to confess
Oh dear.

From here to there
The earth's four corners
I'm all over.

God show them 
My errors and problems
I really care. 

But thankful for life
Another day I survive