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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Rest in peace Sir Williams
even though it wasn't your time
I'll mourn you always Robin
your ending is a sign

for me to be alert
to the evils of depression
for it is a taker of lives
a dark, melancholic condition

I pray I'll endure the trials
and tribulations of my journey
I pray for my survival
from the demons that follow me

Rest in peace Genie Patch Pan
never knew you were in pain
You were always the funny man
whose love was to entertain

Children everywhere are mourning
the news was a shock
I, myself have tried to block
the reality of its meaning.
I am struggling
with just a heart and a soul
my bones are weak and cold
my muscles diminishing
Robin my hero
It is wrong to judge you
I suffer the same battle
God don't let me go
Rest in peace Mr. Williams
May you soar high above the planet
You could have been saved
But what's done is done.
Mother Mary
There's got to be a way
to stop all these self-killings
it's an injustice I'll say
"Genie you're free," says Aladdin
in the Disney movie
that shall immortalize him
amongst then, now, and
future generations of children.
the above youtube video from user: murphfishing is dedicated to Robin Williams
who died of what the police have ruled a suicide yesterday, August 11, 2014.  It
is Susan Boyle of Great Britain's rendition of the song, "Hallelujah" from her
2010 release, "The Gift."  Enjoy and take a moment of silence to pray for Robin
Williams' precious soul.

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