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Sunday, September 21, 2014


Dear Saints and Legends,

For this Sunday's Poetry Pantry at Poets United, I have decided to write a Hindu-inspired 
poem called, "The Pigeon" for your entertainment.  It uses the Hindu as well as Buddhist
belief in reincarnation.  The Lord in this piece is referring to Lord Krishna and the term "samsara" is the endless cycle of reincarnation that most eastern religions believe in.  Have 
a blessed Sunday (new week) and may the great Krishna be with you.

I cry from the injustice
that has befallen me
in another time I was
a pigeon so free
Now I am a homeless man
outside a restaurant
living on scraps
found in trash cans

Lord what have I done to deserve this?

I have no life
I'm hanging on 
but I can't stop time
soon I'll be gone
Oh the days of soaring
the skies above
was an era of happiness
I truly loved

Lord can you bring back such bliss?

The Lord replied:

You often complain
when you have been given traits
that would allow you to rise
and have a good life
You are better off as a human
for you have intelligence
greater than a pigeon's

Each creation of mine
is unique and sublime
in their own beauties

Just know this then
a pigeon is lesser than a man
You were given multiple talents
when you were a young gentleman
So please stand up
I grant you another chance
to achieve betterment
for yourself my friend.

I said:

But I am weak
My bones and joints creak
My back hurts
My life is a curse
Are you sure Master?

The Lord replied:

How can you doubt the Creator?
the one who made the universe?
Haven't you seen and heard enough?
Haven't you tasted sweat and blood?
My word is the Word
I give it and you should concur
Now go forth and prosper
My angels will help you further
Just achieve and share.

I sang:

Forgive my impatience
and lack of faith 
With your words I praise
you always
But I think I'll fare much better
as a pigeon of the air
and on the streets
people will always feed 
me with delicious treats
and I'll get to see
all the beauties of the city
as well as the misdeeds

So Lord be merciful and kind
change me back 
to the pigeon me 
of a past life

The Lord replied:

I never bend 
with my words and decisions
for I am wisdom,
honor, and Brahman
Since you've damaged mine ears
with your moans and tears
I will grant your wish
only that you achieve bliss
and justice
the ones you stress
in this form you miss
the bird the pigeon. 

I sang:

Oh I will never regret
it is for the best.
I will feel my greatest
when I become it.

The Lord replied:

Change oh man
into a bird again
fly to the trees
of another time's city
and go in peace
may your sadness cease.

I sang:

Thank you Lord Krishna
for this gift of Samsara
My former form I reclaim
I must now rejoice
and fly away.

Song: Masakali
Musicians: Various Bollywood artists
Featured in the 2009 Bollywood film: Delhi-6
Video by Youtube User: T-Series (thank you T-Series!!!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


hello saints and legends, here's a poem I just wrote to end all doubts and nays about my religious poems on here.  I just think of the birds, beasts, and ocean dwellers as means to justify my happiness because they are blessed already by God with their beautiful forms, habitats, and duties in nature.  They fly, they roam, and they swim, without complaining.  They are grateful for their feathers, their furs, and their scales because without them, they could not live their lives to the fullest.  In the same way, we human beings should love and thank God for our individual blessings.  No need to complain, use our talents and abilities to the fullest to survive.  And that's what I am doing...Have a blessed day everyone!!! 

"I could sing of your love forever."

- chorus from a Christian song titled the same words
covered by many artists through the years.

My spirituality is genuine
I was raised by a Godly mother
Said the Rosary almost every night
Read the Bible from Genesis to Revelations
Listened to a Christian radio station
Loved Gospel-fused Pop music
or any with a religious twist

My faith in God is genuine
Said the Lord's prayer at school daily
To the elderly and disabled I'm always kind
Wore the brown Scapular religiously
Uttered a prayer always before bedtime
and also before meals and during rough times.

Although I may not be a churchgoer
I don't need to attend to be saved
I am genuine because my prayers have worked
I am alive because I've followed God's ways
My love for God is very real.

The shortcomings I have are there to mold
me into a Christ-like good soul
For no one in the world is 100 % perfect
Except God above who is the highest
and Mother Mary so immaculate
I am just grateful I am blessed.

I know it is better to not speak about it
But how am I going to inspire 
those who are lonely, poor, or sick?
I need to spread the tongues of fire
to everyone out there.
All this is genuine cause I care.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


a yellow/red bird at the National Zoo in Washington, DC
(Photo: Jamztoma)

"Perched high on a tree
God sang a song to greet me
a sweet melody."
- jamztoma

Song: Songbird
Artist: Kenny G
Album: Duotones (1986)
From Youtube User: KennyGVEVO (thanks KGVEVO)