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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


hello saints and legends, here's a poem I just wrote to end all doubts and nays about my religious poems on here.  I just think of the birds, beasts, and ocean dwellers as means to justify my happiness because they are blessed already by God with their beautiful forms, habitats, and duties in nature.  They fly, they roam, and they swim, without complaining.  They are grateful for their feathers, their furs, and their scales because without them, they could not live their lives to the fullest.  In the same way, we human beings should love and thank God for our individual blessings.  No need to complain, use our talents and abilities to the fullest to survive.  And that's what I am doing...Have a blessed day everyone!!! 

"I could sing of your love forever."

- chorus from a Christian song titled the same words
covered by many artists through the years.

My spirituality is genuine
I was raised by a Godly mother
Said the Rosary almost every night
Read the Bible from Genesis to Revelations
Listened to a Christian radio station
Loved Gospel-fused Pop music
or any with a religious twist

My faith in God is genuine
Said the Lord's prayer at school daily
To the elderly and disabled I'm always kind
Wore the brown Scapular religiously
Uttered a prayer always before bedtime
and also before meals and during rough times.

Although I may not be a churchgoer
I don't need to attend to be saved
I am genuine because my prayers have worked
I am alive because I've followed God's ways
My love for God is very real.

The shortcomings I have are there to mold
me into a Christ-like good soul
For no one in the world is 100 % perfect
Except God above who is the highest
and Mother Mary so immaculate
I am just grateful I am blessed.

I know it is better to not speak about it
But how am I going to inspire 
those who are lonely, poor, or sick?
I need to spread the tongues of fire
to everyone out there.
All this is genuine cause I care.

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