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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Poster at Meditation Museum from early 2014
(photo: Jamztoma)

dear Saints and Legends,
it has been a great year for me towards the end.  read the poem below, you'll get to see what made 2014 a great year indeed.
May the Holy Spirit fill your hearts and minds this New Year's!!!

God bless,


Cheers to good in the world!
I have to say that for my last entry
Although my dreams weren't fulfilled
My 2014 will have great memories

Trip to San Francisco
Perfect grades at SNHU
Katy Perry's Prismatic Tour
Brother's big party at Glenview
What a great year!!!

In December I bought my first tablet
In the summer I bought my first Kindle gadget
In December I got my first Secret Admirer
This winter I got good comments from boss and supervisor
What a nice end to an uneventful year!!!

Cheers to good in the world!
Did I tell you about the good lady at Safeway?
Cheers to good in the world!
Did I tell you about my sister's adorable baby?

There were some moments of sorrow
There were some moments so hollow
But I relied on Jesus my hero
and He decreased my sadness to zero

(Cheers to the good Dove
It has made us triumphant
Thank you Good King God)

Cheers to good in the world!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


A variety of jamz from a family friend for Christmas (Photo: Jamztoma)

Sunny Christmas day
it was here in Silver Spring
so bright and golden
i should cherish these moments
You never came
I was to blame
at least I have my family with me

the food was delicious
pastry treats and cider drinks
boiled beef, rice, and a kiss
from mama dearest
yeah I should smile
at least I have my family with me

at Safeway earlier today
one shopper let me go first
in the line to the Cashier
said there are nice people still
in this world
She had a beautiful girl
and I had my family with me

Sunny Christmas day
what a blessed holiday
I felt loved, I felt blessed
I received a card from a family friend
I went to mass with my family
and I felt so good they are here with me.