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Saturday, January 24, 2015


One of the best things about living here in Montgomery
County, MD (USA) is that there is a lot of literary and visual
arts in it and near it.  I was in heaven when I found the grave
of notable American author F. Scott Fitzgerald (who wrote
the The Great Gatsby) here in Rockville, MD.  I took photos
of it and graciously thanked the heavens for this treasure.
Now if ever I return to my island of American Samoa in the
future, I will gladly say that I have been to a famous American
author's gravesite.  I pray to the Lord that this will not be the only
well-known author's grave I have seen in my lifetime.

Hello everyone!!!  I'm sorry for leaving without a proper g'bye and farewell.  I had thought and thought about it and now I am here to tell you that I'm done with this blog but.....only for now.  I will return later this year (if God wills it) after my 2nd book of poems is released (again, if God wills it).  If you are all interested in this book project of mine, you will be informed of it when it comes out by way of a post on here and I will link it to Poets United's Poetry Pantry with a fresh poem by then.  This blog has been a great as well as trying experience when I worked on it starting from summer 2013 right after my first poetry book: The PASEFIKA Beat: Poems and Art From the Island of Jamztoma came out.  There were numerous occasions where I felt like my light was gonna be extinguished once and for all or that my psyche was about to burst from all the anxiety and the battles it was going through.  Thankfully, God and some of you on here were on hand to offer comfort and soothing remarks which I kept in my heart for my own healing and peace of mind.  
So upon that, I wish you all the best for now and HOPEFULLY I will be seeing you all again soon.

God bless.