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Sunday, May 31, 2015



If there's something that makes me smile
it's the sight and sounds of my sister's kids
small, pudgy, bony, tweenie, and little
young, feisty, spunky group of sibs

There's Chano, eldest and smart
There's Ronnie, a pretty little star
then there's Tilda, chatty and funny
and TJ the youngest still a baby

I talk to them by phone and Skype
they would make me smile with joy every time
they remind me of children's books' characters
they are also witty and extremely clever

There are times I would get dismayed 
But their voices would always melt my heart
I pray to see them soon, someday
this I would say to myself in the dark.

My sister's kids I hope will care
for me in my old age in the future
She's so fortunate to have them all
and I'm very happy to be their Uncle.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Into my book of life
From my scarcity to plenty
I was most elated
during times of simplicity

There was meager distress
Gold went to significance
Peers surrounded self
and chances were an abundance

Obscured and elementary
Acquiescent and modest
I attained euphoria
and joy that was endless

One night of blunder
a decade of sorrow
Sailor without aim
hatred for the morrow

Full-time occupation
with strained performance
A hullabaloo of issues
sparked dramatic occurrence

Now a mantra of tranquility
and reading of the Psalms
with liberty from adversity
life is sweet and calm.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


I am very pleased
with the way things have been
since you decided to release
and let go of our past
my life's back on track
Thank you man!

I can now plan for the future
my mind is hopeful it shimmers
with ideas
with goals
and I sing with gusto:
Thank you bro!

Slowly I am regulating
my thoughts
my beliefs
steering them to finer things
to act upon consideration
Cheers to moderation!

I am very pleased
with all the support received
since the personal tragedy
and the endless defeats
it's slow but I know
I can achieve so many goals
by just letting go...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Smile #3: RESPECT

My response to Poets United's Midweek Motif: Honoring Our Elders

Honor thy mother and thy father and thy days shall be endless.
Honor thy elders forever and ever and thy days shall be bliss.

It is an honor 
to respect my elders
mother and father
grandfather, grandmother

It makes me beam
to remember your great deeds
that you so willingly
did for me.

same for you uncles and aunts
nothing but praises and thanks

It makes me stand tall
thinking of all your sacrifices
I won't forget you all
this I promise

What an honor
to respect you my elders
for I really concur
that respect will be returned.

Honor thy mother and thy father and your days shall be endless.
Honor thy elders forever and ever and thy days shall be bliss.