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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Smile #3: RESPECT

My response to Poets United's Midweek Motif: Honoring Our Elders

Honor thy mother and thy father and thy days shall be endless.
Honor thy elders forever and ever and thy days shall be bliss.

It is an honor 
to respect my elders
mother and father
grandfather, grandmother

It makes me beam
to remember your great deeds
that you so willingly
did for me.

same for you uncles and aunts
nothing but praises and thanks

It makes me stand tall
thinking of all your sacrifices
I won't forget you all
this I promise

What an honor
to respect you my elders
for I really concur
that respect will be returned.

Honor thy mother and thy father and your days shall be endless.
Honor thy elders forever and ever and thy days shall be bliss.


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your dear mother..!
    Thanks for stopping by to read mine. Well I don't usually allow it but since you requested so politely I ll make an exception :)

  2. thank you Sanaa. God bless you sister.

  3. Fine picture, James. It helps to have a picture of thoe you love and honor in this fine poem.

  4. How important it is to honor our parents for there is so much of them in us which we should pass on.

  5. Beautiful, James, as is your wonderful mother. I loved this poem!!!!!

  6. Your wonderful words reveal your love and honor for your mother and all the elders.... :-) Beautifully penned...

  7. Love the photo of your mom and your beautiful lines honoring your elders..."It makes me stand tall / thinking of all your sacrifices" my favorite lines...

  8. The love and respect for your parents is without question, as are the words in your poem. A great personal tribute..


  9. So sweet James. Your mother is beautiful. I like your respect for her as well as your aunts and uncles. Our elders certainly do give us a lot.

  10. I enjoyed so much the combination of the photo of you and your mother along with your poem. You definitely show the best of how a 'younger' should feel and act toward an 'elder.' I love the respect and love you show in your words.

  11. Great to have elders you can so truly respect as well as love!

  12. And I am sure they are honoured to have you too - welcome back and congratulations on the publication

  13. A great tribute to your family, James. Honouring our mother and father is the first step towards respecting all elders in our society and giving them the honour they deserve.