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Sunday, May 17, 2015


I am very pleased
with the way things have been
since you decided to release
and let go of our past
my life's back on track
Thank you man!

I can now plan for the future
my mind is hopeful it shimmers
with ideas
with goals
and I sing with gusto:
Thank you bro!

Slowly I am regulating
my thoughts
my beliefs
steering them to finer things
to act upon consideration
Cheers to moderation!

I am very pleased
with all the support received
since the personal tragedy
and the endless defeats
it's slow but I know
I can achieve so many goals
by just letting go...


  1. Small steps lead to bigger goals...wonderful piece bravely written

  2. Often letting go is the thing that allows one to move on...one step at a time.

  3. This is superb :D loved the optimism in these wonderful lines!
    Beautifully executed :)

  4. Love the joy of moving on.. With help it's always easier..

  5. James, congrats on the publication of your book. And yes, we did miss you and are happy you are back. I am sorry to read you have suffered a personal tragedy, and happy you have come through it to a place where life shimmers with possibility again. Yay!

  6. very happy you are forging ahead, best of luck

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  7. Small steps deserve celebrations. Hope everything's fine now :)

    Congrats on the release of your book

  8. There is such sweetness in letting go...and I am so happy to read of your new book....

  9. this life is great when we have "all the support" we need...letting go is an important lesson of life...love this poem of joy and gratitude James...

  10. Great poem, ending with true advise.

  11. Nice beginning! Congratulation on new book!

  12. It is a gift to be able to let go. Fortunately it can be learned.