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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Smile #13: FINALLY

Written for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #266

At last
someone understands me
willing to set me free
from my demons.

At last
someone shows me mercy
willing to feel sorry
for me in my prison.

In chains
I was crying out in pain
I was possessed by the devil
believed his lies, his ways of evil

At last
I have realized
I've been following lies
and wasting gifts

At last
After so many tries
I'm in my paradise
and God He lives!

I praise
my will to escape
the lie of wanting fame
for reasons I cannot say.

So at peace
So at ease
I'm on my knees
I've been set freed.


  1. What a wonderful gift it is when one finds someone who truly understands! It definitely is freeing, isn't it?

  2. Its quite a relief to be set free from one's demons.
    Well penned.

  3. freedom and peace from knowing self and what is important is strongly voiced in your poem; one cannot help but be caught in the euphoria of relief

    much love...

  4. We all have to find a path that lead us right.. for some it leads through thicket and bramble, while other walk barefoot on meadowgrass.

  5. The relief and freedom you feel come through here through your voice.

  6. What a wonderfully uplifting journey you have taken, and shared with us here through your poem. Yay, James. Keep shining!

  7. Being set free is so amazing...blissful! Your voice is so exuberant in these lines.

  8. To fresh beginning, James! Glad for you!

  9. You have expressed the finding of peace and serenity in a very forceful way. To feel we have been set free is probably one f the best feelings.

  10. desire is the true demon and when one is free from it what remains is only peace...a beautiful poem James...

  11. Happy to know that... At last, peace shall befriend all. Or so we hope!