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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Smile #18: NETFLIX

This was written for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #271

I just ordered for myself
a monthly plan of Netflix
It's my treat to myself
to find out what's in/now/next

I smile because this is the future
I smile because this is my pleasure

This is definitely the season
for a horror movie marathon
This is definitely a good reason
to sleep with the lights on!

I smile because I love twists
I smile because I love risks

This is definitely the option
I needed for my depression
This is definitely the medication
I needed for motivation.

I smile because of this notion
I smile because of the inspiration

I am glad it is not expensive
because I'm out of dollars and cents
I know I won't be wasting my life
this is just for my leisure times.

I smile because I love movies
I smile because I love stories.


  1. Free to air TV is at its nadir at the moment so Netflix sounds like a great solution.

  2. The simple things are the ones that make us smile...enjoy - stories are wonderful...why else would we be here ;)

  3. Sometimes a person has to give himself a treat. This sounds like a wise choice.

  4. Enjoy! (As I try to contain my envy. Not workable on my slow internet connection.)

  5. sometimes we need that escape into Netflix...there is so much to discover within those movies...pleasure or aspirations or perhaps a mix. Enjoy...

  6. A treat indeed.. though I prefer to pamper myself to the words of poets myself.. but a good movie now and then could be great.

  7. Something to look forward to. It would certainly spawn lots of ideas for poetry!


  8. I like this so much. :) I'm a big Netflix fan (I call it my "elliptical fodder," because it keeps me engaged while I work out. Your italicized lines make me smile.

  9. I smiled all the way through this, James, enjoying your pleasure in this treat to yourself. I feel the same way, driving homeward with a couple of rented movies and an armload of library books - pleasure assured! LOL. Life is good.

  10. luv all your smiles and adding mine "Sunday Smiles"

    much love...

  11. And watching Heroes Reborn has made me smile in spite of the dark tone of it - so many things makes us smile and for some reason, we apologize for some of those things. I like your unapologetic smiling for enjoying Netflix...and stories. I like my smiling for enjoying popcorn with too much butter! Spencer is Kanzensakura

  12. I did just the same thing as it was needed as a healing balm...to get my fix....and yes I will be sleeping with the lights on!

  13. Netflix is also a good reward for 'to do's' of the day ;)

  14. It's a song! Neat, and light as it is, I feel the night that the subscription to Netflix pushes back. Anyone with depression can relate.