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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Smile #21: GRAVITY

This was written for
Poets United's Midweek Motif:

I feel like I am no longer happy
anymore, anymore
I feel like I am losing energy
 more and more
no one's coming to my rescue
nobody at the door
no one's listening to my blues
I'm cold and all forlorn

To the sky I reached
said a prayer to Him who sees
send someone to come to my needs
I'm losing ground I'm so weak

and then He says;
I'm sending out my gravity
to pull you down onto your feet
fend off the wings of misery
that threaten to fly you off 
to somewhere dreary...

I feel like no one loves me
I need someone, I need love
I feel that its wrong to be free
I need a friend, a second chance
here I am floating all empty
I need a happy ending  

To the sky I reached
said a prayer to Him who sees
send someone that feels my needs
I'm losing ground I can't breathe

and then He says:
I'm sending out my gravity
to make you stand on your feet
and drain you of misery
that makes you unhappy

and so he answered my plea: 
I eventually got my gravity
she helps me feel grounded you see
gives me honor and dignity,
I no longer feel so alone and weak
I have found my true love indeed...

all smiles and thanks 
to the God of everything.


  1. Sometimes help doesn't come knocking at our actual front doors...but it comes..maybe in a amore meaningful way - i hope at least..an honest and uplifting poem

  2. I enjoyed the progression of this poem from the down-heartedness to happiness. I am glad that you now have someone in your life that makes you feel grounded.

  3. Wow! I've never read a poem quite like this with dialogue and answers from the God who provides all things. I love how the gravity and the wings trade places here, the first a welcome grounding and the second a great loss of security. I love the surprise twist at the end, that God's answer was another human being and love! My favorite line: "I'm losing ground I can't breathe"--because of the contradiction I mentioned above. You return here with a masterpiece, James. Bravo.

  4. Agreed with Susan, this is truly spectacular :D

  5. A very original response to the prompt!

  6. An interesting line of thought there...

  7. This made me smile with pleasure. I remember being young and feeling that need. And am happy someone arrived for you. A really heartfelt poem, James. Bless you.

  8. I no longer feel so alone and weak
    I have found my true love indeed..

    That is what we strive for and you've found it. Very thoughtful lines James!


  9. All thanks indeed. Someone above and someone below - we are not all so blessed. Spencer Kanzensakura

  10. Having faith in God gives us faith in ourselves to overcome any obstacle.

  11. We sometimes find answers in the quiet voice inside us--perhaps this is God? Lots to think about in this piece

  12. Wow, as I read this I wasn't sure where it would take me, but I think your needs were answered. A very interesting form here and it worked so well. clapping..

  13. Yes Newton's laws of attraction have been applied to people before, well written m