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Monday, November 30, 2015

Lament Moment: OUT OF IDEAS

Dear fans and fellow poets and writers,

i wrote this poem just for you because honestly, this era is kind of hard to keep up with as no one is that happy all the time.  this is a lament moment just for you who misses my works and drops by only to find that i don't have a poem posted up.  i have been absent from Poets United's Midweek Motifs and Poetry Pantries for quite awhile so here's a piece for you.  My Thanksgiving was lovely.  Me and my family had guests (cousins) over and there was a lot of food and drinks and stories to tell.  Thank you once again for enjoying my works (for those who do).  Please consider ordering one of my books advertised to the right of this poem for yourself or a loved one this Christmas season.  God bless and have a great one wherever you are tuning in from.   

Hey there Writers!
Sorry for the M.I.A.
I've been under the weather
and not getting my way

All my creativity flew out the window
All my abilities got down to zero

I am out of ideas
I went down to nostalgia
came back empty
here's to you from me
I'm definitely out of ideas!

Hey there fellow Poets!
How were your Thanksgivings?
I'm sorry for my absence 
Had to pause from writing

Cause all of my creativity are on vacation
and currently, I need to feed my imagination!

I am out of ideas
I am currently in Melancholia
my smiles are gone
I don't see the sun
I'm definitely out of ideas!

Hey there Fans!
Bear with me please
Hope you understand
My muse is on leave...

I came up with this lament moment
to say that smiles also need rest!

I am out of ideas!
But I'll be back with gardenias!
my smiles will return
they will be rightfully earned
I'll be back with ideas!

Bye for now...

Sunday, November 22, 2015


This was written for the Midweek Motif: Mercy 
but I was not able to finish it on time.  So here it is for today.  Enjoy!

If you're wondering, yes, this was partly inspired by 
P!nk's song: "Try" from P!nk's 2012 album, The Truth About Love and 
Aaliyah's song: "Try Again." from Aaliyah's 2000 Romeo Must Die soundtrack album.

My whole life I've struggled
through the physical, verbal, and mental
I cried and cried forever
I was a victim and a prisoner

I felt so alone
Love had me disowned
the devil treated me like Job [Jobe]
I was left out in the cold

Until just recently
I received God's mercy
I was shown the good life
All I had to do was try.

Try and try and try
Learn to grow and survive

My big mouth got me in trouble
and I am a unique individual
I died and died forever
I was always a bother

I felt so weak
They took away my needs
the devil laughed in my face
I was cold and afraid

Until just recently
I received God's mercy
I was given the good life
All I had to do was try.

Try and try and try
Learn to grow and survive
Try and try and try
Got to live the good life!

No need to cry
God will show us mercy
When we try and try and try
The best is yet to be...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Smile #24: THE RIVER

This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif:

I sang on my way to the river
far behind the old laundromat store
next to the big building where
me and friends used to play
truth or dare.

It was a spiritual song
one that has lived on
from years when I
was six years young
to now where I am 
experienced, calm
and everything
but strong.

When I was a teenager
I used to steal away 
to this river and linger
there from noon until
I had to leave for dinner.
It holds a lot of different
memories this river.

It is where Joe almost drowned
It is where Meg ruined 
her pretty purple Prom gown.
It is where I used to come to
to escape their words 
and frowns.

It was where games were played
and how I was dismayed
to see Nat's attention stray
from me and James
to that show-off Wade

It is where fish were caught
and placed in pots
to be boiled with
onion and salt
deliciously hot
just like those

I'm going to say goodbye 
to this river:
"Farewell my lover.
You have done me well
with your soothing waters."
Gone are my tears
Mended are my fears
I have matured.

Smile so sincere:
"Goodbye old Beaver."

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Smile #23: WITHOUT YOU

This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif: 

Lying in the shade
of the oak tree
thinking of the way
you treated me
I'll be strong
moving on
have a blessed day

You bluffed
Now we're done
I've had enough
You had your fun

Without you
I am full of
Without you
I can live
in peace and harmony

Now that I'm single
feeling so free
sharing smiles
living my dream
I can mend 
make new friends
get a new style

No more you
I feel blessed
You do you
and I'll do my best

My heart 
is filled again
with tranquility
My heart 
is in heaven
good to be free.

Without you
I am full of tranquility
You do you
and I'll do me.

I am now in a place 
where there's no heat and blaze
just ovals so lovely