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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Smile #24: THE RIVER

This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif:

I sang on my way to the river
far behind the old laundromat store
next to the big building where
me and friends used to play
truth or dare.

It was a spiritual song
one that has lived on
from years when I
was six years young
to now where I am 
experienced, calm
and everything
but strong.

When I was a teenager
I used to steal away 
to this river and linger
there from noon until
I had to leave for dinner.
It holds a lot of different
memories this river.

It is where Joe almost drowned
It is where Meg ruined 
her pretty purple Prom gown.
It is where I used to come to
to escape their words 
and frowns.

It was where games were played
and how I was dismayed
to see Nat's attention stray
from me and James
to that show-off Wade

It is where fish were caught
and placed in pots
to be boiled with
onion and salt
deliciously hot
just like those

I'm going to say goodbye 
to this river:
"Farewell my lover.
You have done me well
with your soothing waters."
Gone are my tears
Mended are my fears
I have matured.

Smile so sincere:
"Goodbye old Beaver."


  1. It sounds as if the river has been quite a part of your life, James. You experienced so much at its banks...both the goods and the not-so-goods. Your poem is rich in the telling!

  2. James, this is beautiful, so rich with memories........that river still knows your name, even from a distance. And it lives in your memories. It grew you. Smiles.

  3. Our love for rivers is so well captured here!

  4. Lovely write.. the love for river is shines through :)

  5. this is a lovely companion, your river of memories, nicely stored in your poem

    thanks for dropping in to read mine

    much love...

  6. Why say goodbye? You have given every reason to stay! But maybe this is just a visit, a trip down memory lane that has become a song to sing always. Thanks for the pain, thanks for the gain ,,,

  7. Yes, how good it is to grow up alongside a river - 'old lover' indeed.

  8. The opening two lines are divine - the river behind the laundromat - such a place of vast possibilities...yes..we must move on..flow with the river..blossom..forget..forgive..and always find comfort and the best we can for ourselves - thank you for another :)

  9. You have many memories along the river and I am sure a part of that river will always run in your veins. Perhaps, just farewell for now until you wish to recall the days of yesterday.

  10. What a wonderful poem, James. It reminded of the images I recall from reading the "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Twain.