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Saturday, December 26, 2015


A decision was made
after New Year's day
I will not be writing
poems about smiling
rather I'll be covering
themes about everything
that comes to mind
oh how sublime.

But hey, smile, be happy for me will ya?

I have found it hard
to be joyful at heart
during times of pain
and moments of rain
hence is why I
have decided this time
to include sorrow
and dark and hollow
because this period 
is harsh and serious.

Hey, smile, be happy for me will ya?

As you all know
my Island glow
has grown weary
after my Psalms theme
and I'm having issues
that can't be chased by tissues
and Spotify uplifting playlists
or my mom's magical kisses
Bear with me please
I am down on my knees

Smile!  Be happy for me will ya?

Thanks for the loyalty
Thanks for reading my poetry.
I need time and energy.
to steer this era of need.

Be happy for me will ya?

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