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Monday, December 7, 2015

Smile #26: ENERGETIC

Hello my dear Merry's and Jolly's!  

Today, I break the interval by releasing this poem specially written for my loyal readers
who checked in yesterday to find that I still have not released a smile for my blog.  This is not 
a Christmas poem even though the image that accompanies it is of the dear Nativity Scene
of Christmas.  It is my response to a Poets United's Midweek Motif sometime ago that I 
did not get to participate in.  Well, I think I also must announce today that after much 
thinking and debating, I guess I will be using a lot of spirituality and religious references
in my works because that is who I am.  A lover of spirituality and religion.  

I hope you enjoy this piece because it is true.  God makes me feel alive and important.  
God bless,


molded by you
enchanted by you
celebrated by you

I'm your own creation
I'm your sweet sensation

it is by you
I feel so energetic
it is by you
I feel the magic 

elevated by you
infatuated by you
so influenced by you

to be my own individual
to be my own soul 

it is by you
I feel energetic
it is by you
I feel the magic
of life.

all my happiness comes from you
all my success erupt from you

saved by you
electrified by you
endorsed by you

I'm loving you oh God
I'm becoming like you God

it is by you
I feel so energetic
it is by you
I feel the magic 
when I die...

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