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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif:

Climb every mountain
That's me in my younger years
Always climbing and panting
in order to get home in tears

Tears because of the Mountain
whose cruelty was excused
Respect your elders
I had to while feeling bruised

Bruised and battered
that's me in my younger
although I saw him leave
the Mountain always remembered

I'll remember he sang
I still remember that mountain
How we all climbed it
Over and over, again and again.

Again I saw the Mountain
Later when He's all achieved
Though I tried to be pleasant
He would still remind me

Me, I am a piece of tool
Next to Him I'm nothing
But I will never forget the mountain
We climbed back home then.


  1. Your illustration shows mountains in dimensions that may be part of human nature, but were not a given. We pushed ourselves into and over them with degrees and interviews and achievements and failures. I don't regret it, and yes, I saw God there too. But I am tired. Thank God for different kinds of mountains and for the choices some of us are privileged to have. I feel this amazing poem! It had to be written. Thank you.

  2. Such a beautifully poignant piece :)

  3. Those mountains we climbed as children remain in our hearts and souls........and they do remember us! Good one, James.

  4. What better than to climb a mountain and what better than to remember it so fondly later.

  5. kudos to the energy of younger days...love the linked stanzas...

  6. Even though those mountains may have battered and bruised, there were lessons to be learned....and perhaps in some ways life is now richer as you have overcome. But then again, there are still mountains that can be climbed. In life we never really reach the top.

  7. Whether brother or other person in the family I can relate to that feeling of inferiority and bullying. Those times pass but the memory is always there.

  8. Ahhh. ..you moved the mountains, James! Always allow plenty of time for passing ...Poignant piece.

  9. Poignant piece.
    Enjoyed reading it :)

  10. Oh dear..not pleasant memories...life is tough...but we are still here James:)

  11. What a wonderful sense of growth and progression - it takes a lot of courage to keep going..to find our place..to feel that we have someone helping us along - well done :)

  12. i'll say Every mountain needs a climber and every climber a lesson.

    Bravo for memories and good sense

    much love...

  13. We had joy, we had fun
    we had seasons in the sun
    But the hills that we climbed
    Were just seasons out of time...

  14. Full of emotion, full of compromise, full of wisdom. Well done.

  15. Climbing or getting over obstacles in the younger days were part of the learning process. The more .mountains' climbed the better prepared one had been to face the cruel world.


  16. Symbolically they take us beyond ourselves and leave us better (hopefully). Hope you are staying warm and safe James.

  17. Mountains are there to be climbed, it is said... We certainly like the challenge and there is such a sense of achievement when we do climb mountains, whether they be real or figurative...