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Thursday, August 18, 2016


(blue jeans, black jacket, red heart, green brain)

when i wear my blue jeans

with a black/gray jacket above 'em
I feel like Levi from them magazines
a confident man walking in rhythm
ready for new exciting efforts
ready for school, church, or work

when i wear my blue jeans
it's not because i'm trying to look mean
or that i'm trying to be seen


the mindset is to go with my mood
the mindset is it's what makes me look and feel good

forget about colors
forget about attitudes
forget about hatred or being an 'ist

when i wear my blue, black, brown, gray jeans
it's because I want to express what's within

I want to be taken seriously
I want you to treat me respectfully

Hey, I love my reds
I love my greens and my yellows
my oranges and my purples
my browns and my darks

I'm just into blue.
it mirrors most of my moods

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