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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Poem for Poets United's Midweek Motif: Blessings

Heaven is right before me
I've never felt this free
since I got out of your chains
I'm never coming back again

And now I'm seeing the face of God
in this newfound mindset I've got
I just need to rise
from the depression inside

You know
wake up
You're allowed
to be in love
At least try
to live your life

And when I finally see
all the things I've been missing
I'll know I don't have to fret
We're never too old to be blessed

We win
when we forget, forgive
make our goals happen
start anew, make friends
Don't waste our lives
feeling hopeless inside

We all have to strive
to be blessed for life...

© Jamztoma


  1. indeed we are blessed ..when we make efforts towards good

  2. This feels like a song to me--at least through the first 4 parts. And then the beauty lifts into community praise/prayer. I'm feeling blessed.

  3. Yes we sometimes have to work hard to really appreciate life - it's not easy on the whole but you remind us that if we try it can be better..good to see you back too

  4. We're never too old to be blessed..never too late to start over..so true.

  5. Wow! Profound wisdom in this poem. Yes, we win when we start anew and forgive. Uplifting poem.

  6. there's definitely blessedness in freedom & that too at the price of very hard strife..a good reminder James..nice to see you here...

  7. I like the idea of never being too old to be blessed.. Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  8. We're never too old to be blessed.

  9. Becoming free of whatever holds us in thrall can be a wonderful feeling. The blessings shortly follow this liberation. Lovely!