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Friday, December 30, 2016


Publication Date:  15 SEPTEMBER 2015
Available Online at AMAZON and BARNES AND NOBLE.

Welcome to Junction: Rednecks, Booze, and Murder Galore

This book was definitely an eye-opener for an outsider like me.  It takes place in the Midwest as well as the South hence the racial slurs and some prejudiced characters.  This story involves two sets of siblings, the police, and the endless references to bars and booze.  The characters are beer-guzzling, countryside, redneck figures by the names of Nick Harmen, his brothers Bruce, Zack and cousin Ryan with their friends, the Sheeks boys Joey, Dusty, and Cory, and Adam Craig, the son of the local police’s beloved Black Deputy Craig.  Their world is everyday happenings like hanging out at the local watering hole, tending to their families, and caring for their drug businesses (which are both of the Sheeks and Harmen men’s main source of income). One day, Joey Sheeks is found naked, frozen, and dead in a secluded area where the last snowfall has not melted yet.  Everyone else thinks Joey’s cause of death is from his own drug dealing issues but Nick and Zack say otherwise. 

                I will not reveal the rest of this character-driven book but I assure you it has all of the elements of an interesting story as you will be let in on a view of what happens in small White communities as Junction, Iowa where their “prejudiced view of Blacks is based entirely on the negative they see on television sets in their homes.”  The Black characters Deputy Craig and his wife and son Adam are all endeared in this community and it is mentioned all through the book.  The Harmen men themselves are descendants of Native Americans so they have a bit of multiculturalism going on in their family.  The elements that I mentioned earlier that made this book so alive and riveting are the murders, the humor, the wit, the family orientation, and the glimpse into redneck America as this is a part of America I sometimes wonder about since I have heard stories about them through the media. 

                I recommend this book to the open-minded reader and the adventure-seeking reader as well.  If you have a peeve about racists and prejudice, be warned as this book contains slurs and the likes.  However, Cody Schlegel makes up for that by supplying Deputy Craig and his family with a sense of warmth and kind regards from his White characters.  Finally, this book is a thriller and if you like getting your heart pumping fast, then it’s for you.  The pace is fast which makes it a quickie, a positive thing. 

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