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Wednesday, October 18, 2017


This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif:

I have to accept the hurricanes
that are happening everywhere
Look at them like rain
temporary April weather

Oh the dark moon
may it pass us by soon
God give us a new moon
so we can renew ourselves for good.

I have to accept the deaths
and the murders that are occurring out there.
Pray for the souls to be blessed;
to attain heaven ever after. 

Oh this darkness
that has become the newness
May it be challenged
by all our togetherness.

I am letting go of the past
that makes me twirl
To love what is in the present,
accept this new world.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


This was written for Poets United's

So fair is the unicorn
that gallops to and fro
strong and so bold
free as an eagle
and pure as gold...

So fair is the mermaid
that sits upon a rock
sings a ballad song
laden with love
to her human friend...

So fair is God's way
that favors the good
and blesses the low
He's always just
But never cruel
I know this so...

So fair is the world
if everyone understands
when each one of us errs
to give each other a chance
to live happily on this Earth.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif: 

During autumn
I wear my hoodie sweaters
and my blue jeans
and my black shoes
for they make me comfortable
and they go with the chill
in the weather.

During autumn
My Facebook friends go football crazy
They also go on holiday shopping sprees
while I start reading horror books
just in time for Halloween.
They give me the creeps
but I still read them...haha.

During autumn
I start thinking of my sister and her family
what should I buy for them as gifts?
What would they like this year?
Are they going to enjoy their holidays?
These questions fill up my mind.

During autumn
The media starts going hullabaloo
Trick or treat smell my feet
Now thank we all our God
All I want for Christmas is youuu...
Do you believe in magic?

During autumn
The night starts to become longer
and I hope for a smooth Winter.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


This was written for Poets United's
Poetry Pantry #374

I'm not rich
No I'm not wealthy, healthy, and happy
But I can say that I am grateful.
I have enough to keep me comfortable
and to buy things that are affordable
Yes I am super-frugal.

I'm broke moneywise
But I'm not blessing-wise
I am at a position where I am greatly satisfied
with what God's able to provide
and I am just thankful I can get by.

I'm not perfect
No I don't have a perfect physique
and I have made lots of mistakes.
Yes, I do have a million regrets
But I also know I am blessed
with a family that loves me regardless.

I'm here to say
that I am lucky.
Lucky to be a part of a great family
Lucky to be alive if you knew my history
Lucky to be on here right now
sharing with you my poetry.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif:

I am a mammal 
created by the Creator 
to walk this earth
and enjoy it for its worth.

I'm a beautiful mammal
with a brain and a heart
that is useful
for loving everything you are.

We humans are special
God created us as superior to animals
We have the choice not to do evil
We have the choice to abstain from brutal
and unusual.

We are amazing animals
Us humans with our God-given skills
We have walked the moon
We have flown the skies without wings
and magically appear on tubes.

I, us, we are just incredible
and we each have our own free wills
God made us to be that way
God gave us so much for our own play.

And I am just thankful for my talents
They have given me some confidence
After some low and despairing moments
I can say I am just a grateful human.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


This was written for Poets United's 

I am living and breathing the air.
I’m trying my best not to care
About anything anymore except my health
I want to be able to live to tell:
About the time I was depressed and weak
About the time I was unable to speak:
Words to anyone
And the time I was unable to run
And walk in the sun.
I want to see my face in my 40s
I want to embrace my 50s
And if lucky, to celebrate my 60’s and 70’s.
My interests are maturing with age
I am learning to accept heartaches
And be serious as much as it takes.
I am getting past the age of seeking attention
At least that’s what I believe in.
I am noting the importance of happiness
It’s worth more than all of the world’s riches
I am hoping for peace of mind and simplicity
Those are more soothing than greed and envy.

I am living and breathing the air
And I’m trying my best to be aware
Of things that lead to sadness or death
Avoid them at all costs to feel my best.
I want to be able to live to tell
About these days of enduring hell
And laugh at the silliness of it all
In the future with friends and families available to talk.
I want to let go of my insecurities
They are definitely not in need.

I am living and breathing the air
And I’m praying for a joyous future.
God have mercy on me and better my situation
Grant me more years to enjoy Your creations.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif:
Rising Above


 I've seen the bottom too many
however, I am not going to say
something arrogant that's unlike me


I can say I'm feeling fine these days
and that I'm not lying in a darkened grave
I have welcomed the glorious sun's rays


I feel like a butterfly I guess
I'm for the moment feeling blessed
and I am not too stressed.


I am embracing my hobbies
and they are keeping me busy
making me forget about my shortcomings


for those of you reading
to rise you have to let go of all the self-hating
in order for a new beginning.


forget about all the negatives and strife
love yourself and let your talents grow
for it's not too late to enjoy your life!

Sunday, September 24, 2017


This was written for Poets United's
Poetry Pantry #372

For me
at this time
I'm so free

I seldom go out anymore
I stay put indoors
and I'm feeling so assured:

That I am joyful by myself
when I am alone I am well
when I'm at home I'm out of hell.

My head is empty 
My body is at ease
and I'm just not crazy.

Farewell to all that loudness
goodbye to all the noise
I'm fine without the chaos

I'm no longer filled with ambition
I'm glad I'm out of that prison
It's too much aggression.

Maybe some other time I'll be
But for now I'm just free.
For the first time in a long time
I'm carefree

And for me
that's sublime
because I'm happy.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Release Date: 20 FEBRUARY 2015

A Definite Must-Have Guide for Travelers

            This book here is the must-have guide for those who are travelers.  It’s packed with all the information and guidelines that will benefit travelers as they plan their trip on the roads of America.  It is a self-help book that lists all the “objectives and content based on current federal, state, and local public safety laws.  There are also some professional suggestions about personal security regulations and methods for a trip” (CrashLaneNews.com).  These suggestions will help a traveler avoid accidents or violent crimes associated with transportation on US roads.  The book also has the code of ethics for a traveler that ensures a more safe and secure trip.

            One of the things listed in this book that I previously did not think of so much was the fact that the weather can also be a factor for accidents to occur during a trip cross-country.  I know, silly me.  Yes, the weather pattern should be weighed when you are planning a trip on the road.  I know the reason why I was this way about this piece of fact was that I never am in a vehicle while the weather outside is raging or out of control.  Rainstorms yes but not hurricanes and tornadoes which are a usual weather pattern here in the USA.  This makes this book all the more handy for travelers because it is so thorough and packed with all the major and minute what-to-do’s for travelers to consider.  I give this book a great nod for that matter!

            I recommend this book fiercely to travelers of all kinds of transportation methods.  You should know about the tips and procedures that this masterpiece carries because your life is valuable and that you deserve to know about them.  It’s a great gift for that college son or daughter you have, that teen driver in your family, that traveling husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend of yours, that aunt or uncle in your family who always drives over for the holidays or that friend you have that lives far from you because you never know what may happen.  By following the methods and guidelines in here, and by knowing the rules and regulations also listed in here, chances are that you will be preventing a car accident from happening to you or your loved ones.  You won’t be wasting your money on this one my friend!  Be good to yourself and order this baby right now!  

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif:

I wake up in the morning all calm and serene
and my brain's forgotten about some bad dream
The house is all dark, quiet, and empty
and my siblings gone for the day just me.

I go to the kitchen to make myself a treat
bring out the spinach, eggs, and cheese
And cook an omelet that's delicious to eat
then down it all with Lipton tea.

I go to the living room and turn on the TV
to the channel of my favorite news, NBC.
Today is on and I feel so at ease
with Lauer, Roker, Kotb, and Guthrie

Then go to the dining table and take a seat
Open my laptop and be an online junkie
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Ebay
Those keep me occupied all through the day!

For lunch I'm craving something sweet
like hot chocolate from Nestle
boil some Franks so salty and lean
and eat them with mayo and rice and beans.

The afternoon is when I would clean
the toilet bowl or the dishes in the sink
I would also use that time to do my laundry
and/or prepare some rice for my siblings.

When my siblings come home all weak
I go to my room and get my kindle to read
But not before dinnertime when I would feast
on boiled noodles so rich and creamy

So when hours later I lay down to sleep
I would pray to the Lord for my soul to keep
The day is over and all was a breeze
I'm just thanking God for all the peace.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


This was written for Poets United's
Poetry Pantry #371

There's just something about books
that make me feel good.

Their artworks
Their summaries
Their smell
Their weight
and their contents 
just make me feel pleasant

From an early age
I embraced
their sentences, their pages
and would get amazed
over how some survive
for decades.

And I am feeling blessed
that I am involved with a project
that pays me money
to read and review stories
written by authors that are indie.

I'm a book reviewer
I read and review,
tweet and promote
books by authors
from the US and abroad.

And this book reviewing project 
I'm involved with
has wonderfully
and fascinatingly
raised my self-esteem.

Thank you Jesus...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


This was written for:
Poets United's Midweek Motif:

I am nervous about it
It’s been years
And I haven’t been fortunate
That’s why I’m in fear:
Will I be scorned?
Or adored?
Who knows?

I might go to it
But I’m ashamed
I have a secret
So I can’t attend…
Will I be missed?
Or disgraced?
Who knows?

But I am hopeful though
That you will understand
For it’s hard to control
This predicament

On the bright side
I see you on a daily basis
And I will try
To send you a message:

That I am well.

Book Review #41: IS GOAT BEEF? by JEFFERY M. CAMP

Release Date: 15 DECEMBER 2016

Military Tales and Salivating Meals

            This is quite an interesting, riveting read for one reason.  Or make that two.  The military tales are the usual stuff of a fresh, basic trainee during holidays spent in Honduras to seeing goats for the first time in Afghanistan, to a realization about the US government and gay porn, lol.  Anyway, in its first few pages, there is an introduction from a celebrity friend of the author’s: the Wonder Years (remember that show?) actor Jason Hervey talking about Jeffery M. Camp and how he came to know him and his endearing involvement with the charity: Paws for Purple Hearts (where dogs and puppies are trained to provide therapy and assistance to wounded veterans of the US military.)  And after that intro, I got to read in Jeff’s own words his reasons for writing this book: love for cooking, humor, and life and it just makes him likable and sweet.  Just to let you know, buying this book will help Paws for Purple Hearts (PPH) out because a dollar from every copy sold will be donated to PPH.  So think about that when you are making a decision in buying this baby or not. 

            The recipes themselves call for ingredients that make me salivate just thinking about them.  If you love bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, avocados, ground sausage, scallions, baby potatoes, veal, and the list goes on, then this book is for you.  Simply put, if you are a foodie or the cook in your household, who supports anything having to do with the US military, this book will be your treasure I guarantee you.  I am going to recommend it to my Aunty in Washington state whose husband, my Uncle Sefo is a veteran of the US army.  She loves to cook and maybe she will appreciate these mouth-watering recipes…

            The final verdict?  Love this book to the core.  It’s a great item to own because I am a foodie.  I urge you to save up to order it prior to the holidays of Thanksgiving and/or Christmas so you will have something “new” and “delicious” for your husbands and/or kids to savor.  Have fun cooking and have a beautiful, and happy early holiday season of 2017! 

Monday, September 11, 2017


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Hello followers of this blog!
I am here to say I am so sorry for neglecting you for a long time.  I am sure that you don't really read my reviews as there are no comments on them at all, haha.  I have been busy with my internship with Odyssey and with reading and reviewing books that I post here from time to time.  My poetic drive has been kind of empty hence is why you don't see me posting poems anymore.  Well, much of my creative juices have gone to my poems that I write for Odyssey.  You can visit my content creator page over there by simply clicking here.  I just got my Bachelor's degree from a university based in New Hampshire in English Language and Literature.  It was not a breeze as I had to read books and ebooks to write essays and term papers based on them for each of the classes I took for my degree's program.

Right now I am so happy that I have a Bachelor's degree.  It's because it will possibly/hopefully/prospectively enable me to get a paid opportunity in the future.  I plan on working from home due to personal reasons and having this degree will increase my chances of finding something worthy of my time that is remote.  Yes, I have this book reviewing project going on at the moment and I always thank its moderator and the Lord above for giving it to me so that I can earn a little (yes, a little) money on the side.  I have been reviewing products also for a company that contacted me through Twitter and it's not a lot of money but it's something to order a quick bite from McDonald's almost every week.

Am I going to post poems on here again?  We shall see.  Like I said before, my poetic drive is not that high right now and it's being spent on poetry for Odyssey.  I landed that internship with Odyssey because a classmate of mine for an online course at SNHU recruited me for it.  So I applied and I got in.  To me, it's great exposure and exercise once again for my writing abilities.  I hope also that I can get letters of recommendation after my involvement with them for future opportunities/gigs/projects that I may be interested in.  I have made some good friends from it and we are pals on Facebook.  Haha.  

Another way for you to connect with me is through my Facebook Author page.  You can support me and follow that page by clicking here.  I am more active on there than on here so I am sorry.  With that said, I wish you a great Autumn season and hopefully I post poems or other writings such as this on here for you to read if you are interested.  My book reviewing project is still ongoing and I may post a new book review later this week.  Be safe my friends and take good care of yourselves as I will do the same.

God bless us all and much alofas (loves),


Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Release Date: 10 JUNE 2010

Be Inspired by This Man’s Life to Live Your Own Adventures!

            I thought this memoir was like a work of fiction with all the dangerous turns and adventures that this author went through in his life.  Mr. Orr had started out in the military and then became part of the Peace Corps traveling across states in the USA and on to South America and Asia.  He talks about being almost to the point of death to times when he would go to a brothel with his American colleagues to the time when he and friends/volunteers had to run across a field while in the line of fire, yup, that had me going whoa!  I mean, this guy if all that he says in this book of his is true then he sure should be recognized and honored for it all by either a movie about him or something.
            I thought this memoir was filled with events that you would love to read on to find out more adrenaline-rushing moments like the ones I have mentioned above.  I think it would take you three to two days to finish it or shorter if you’re a fast reader.  I read this in a week because I had a brief encounter with the flu so that’s why.  Anyway, this book had me thinking about the Peace Corps society and its benefits in the long run.  Mr. Orr started out small as a volunteer with a stipend but he eventually grew to become a regional director with lots of perks like traveling across the world and meeting with important people as well as a decent salary to live off of.  He met his wife Maureen while he was stationed in Hawaii so isn’t that romantic?  The Peace Corps had given him a great life and so did the military.

            I recommend this book to all those high school graduates as well as college graduates with no sense of direction to why not consider the Peace Corps as a starting point?  Now that it’s fall 2017 maybe you need to go see the world and risk all the dangers of those countries just to experience the life outside of America yeah?  I could say the same thing about myself haha.  I guarantee you that you will not be able to put this book down because this man’s life has all the elements of a bestselling novel:  drama, romance, war, sorrow, etc.  Get it today and be inspired to live a life of adventures that you if you make it to your 70s will pat yourself on the back and say: hey, I lived it all!  I did not back down but I went forth and experienced life with all its dangers, loves, and rewards!  Enjoy!  

Monday, August 28, 2017

Book Review #39: THE LAURAS by SARA TAYLOR (For "Blogging For Books")

Release Date: 1 August 2017

A Cross-Country Trip to Escape Marriage, Revisit Old Friends, and To Experience Life

          This was a coming-of-age story about the remarkable and meaningful cross country trip that the gender-ambiguous Alex and her mother, whom she calls Ma, took to escape marriage life to revisit Ma’s past and to experience independence and discover themselves along the way.  It starts off with Alex’s parents having a fight in the middle of the night at their home in Virginia (it is mentioned in the book that they had been fighting for quite some time up to the moment when Ma comes for Alex’s bedroom and steal her away in the early hours of the morning to go on their three-year cross-country journey from the East Coast to the West).  Alex herself is just thirteen and she is described as lean and young still without a bra, who is the narrator of this first person point of view tale.  They make frequent stops during their trip either to eat, to shower and change clothes, or for Ma to look for employment to finance their odyssey and for Alex to get the education she needs by enrolling at local schools located near their motels they would spend their time at.
            The story is steady and it shows life on the road where these two characters struggle to survive while they revisit friends or people related to friends of Ma’s.  There is also the concept of all of Ma’s significant friends all named Laura because according to Ma, her first ever best friend was a Laura and she made a huge impact in her life that for the rest of her life she was drawn to girls and women who coincidentally had that name.  That is the main theme of this book and why it is called The Lauras.  But in actuality, Ma’s friends are not all called Laura though.  This book explores Ma’s past life as a foster kid, a rowdy teenager, and a college student.  That is the impetus for the stops she makes along the trip where she discovers that an old guy friend had died and that his girlfriend/wife who had been a friend of Ma’s also killed herself because of her own troubles with motherhood.  And Ma had to do something for these friends of hers because she promised them to do it at a point in her life.  There are other friends and places and secrets Ma shows Alex during their journey but there are also Alex’s stories of her own that this book explores.

            Alex is a teenager who is just beginning to feel changes in her body and sexual arousal from looking at older teenagers and through magazines and reference books she reads that are a part of her homeschooling education.  Alex also has her own identity issues that make this book a transgender-themed read.  She is bullied and gets into fights at school because of this and her mother stands up for her which I found very admirable because some parents just would automatically disown their transgendered or gay children and chase them out to be on their own.  That and other reasons are what I like about Ma.  Even though she is the type of woman that sleeps around and takes up employment at bars and other questioning places, she never fails to instill in Alex healthy habits and a good raising.  Even though Ma herself had a tumultuous childhood and yeah, a promiscuous life, she does not want the same for Alex as she stresses the importance of finishing school and cleanliness upon Alex.  Ma is also protective of Alex and would shield her from dangerous situations she herself would get into.

            The book is very much satisfying over its course and although there was an incident that caused me to raise my eyebrows and shake my head in disapproval, I know it is life and it happens and if I was in the same situation I would do it as well in order to survive because life in America is hard and cruel.  The good thing about Alex also is that she makes an effort, yes, a huge effort to always keep in touch with her father that she and Ma left behind.  I recommend this book to all those bookworms who are looking for a solid, eventful, and adolescent read to delve into.  It’s got hardships, it’s got guts, it’s got drama, it’s got triumph, and it’s got lessons and issues to ponder on.  This is a tale of survival and struggle that everyone who loves challenges would devour.  I had a great time reading it and am positive that you will feel the same.  I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.  

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Release Date: 26 NOVEMBER 2015

One Woman’s Ultimate Friendship with God

This memoir was so moving and so spiritual that it warmed my heart while I was reading it for this review.  Samantha Chandler was the daughter of a “former altar-boy-in-the-Catholic-religion father and a pagan mother whom she referred to as wicked and abusive.  Samantha claims she has been visited by three angels throughout her years on earth and has looked satan in the eye.  She writes her story with passages from the Holy Bible, quoting them and providing explanations on how they relate to the events that occurred in her life.  She has dined with U.S. presidents and has gotten married to rich men as well.  Samantha’s walk with God officially began when she was twenty-one years old.  She surrendered her life to Christ in a small Methodist church where a pastor asked random people of his congregation to come forward and make a public confession of their sins and fully give their lives to the Lord.  And years later when she was on a trip to the Holy Land, she got baptized by a church friend in the River Jordan where Jesus was baptized by his cousin John the Baptist.  Samantha would also mention that she is a cofounder of a children’s ministry formerly called Children’s Cross Connection which is now called Childspring International dedicated to bringing extraordinarily sick or devastatingly disfigured children from around the world to the USA for donated surgeries.

While reading this book, I could not help but relate to it in my own way.  I, too have a special relationship with the Lord where I always keep Him on the forefront because I believe in His leading and compassionate ways.  Samantha has that vibe and I felt at peace with her story here which is a story of triumph and victory.  She makes me feel proud of her and her devotedness to the Lord because her story is a positive one and should be shared across the world.  I do find courage and renewed faith in her words and wish her all the best with wherever she is at at this moment.  This book gives me inspiration to write the same on my own experiences in my own journey in life at some point later when I am fully experienced and knowledgeable of the decisions I have made and the wins and losses I have felt with making them.

I recommend this book to all who have a special relationship with the Lord or to those who are looking for something comforting for their own troubled lives in that there is help and faith and love when you have the Lord God in your life.  That He listens and never abandons those who seek refuge in His arms.  That God, through his Son Jesus Christ, is always merciful and attentive to us and that He is the only one to defeat the wicked snares of the devil.  I tell you, when I finished this book last night, I sighed softly to myself and blessed Ms. Chandler in my heart for lending her experiences with the Lord for us to get inspired by.  What a blessed story this was.  I urge you to buy it for your kindle’s ebook collection because it’s a great victorious book to keep in case you go through trials and tribulations and you need advice and inspiration on how to defeat them.  All in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Publisher: NK BOOKS
Release Date: 17 SEPTEMBER 2016

A Rural Couple’s Introduction to the City and Suburbs

            Blorzen and Anastafari Skylynn had just got married and were naturally accustomed to the very rural Sorsani where they had been raised since birth.  They are just teenagers with little knowledge of the outside world and what it contains.  From the beginning of the book, they ready themselves for the trip of a lifetime as they are set to leave Sorsani and explore the sectors beyond its borders.  They at first sleep in trees as they are experts at but soon became so cold in the nights that they sought out barns, farms, and hotels as places for resting as they advance more and more out into the outlying places outside Sorsani.  They reminded me of hillbillies who do not know what elevators are, what cars are, and what phones are towards the end of this steady-paced book.

What got me turning the pages of this story was how innocent and naïve this couple was.  I felt like some of it was familiar to my own experiences as a guy from the suburbs of Lakewood, Washington state when I first moved over here to the Washington, DC metropolitan area only in my case it was the metro train and the behavior of city people that I was completely unfamiliar with.  Haha.  I felt like the story moved smoothly and I wished that the author Natomi could have made it longer into a thicker novel because to me it felt like a saga, a family saga.  I am glad that this is the first part and that hopefully Natomi will release the next book sometime soon as I am eager to find out more about this humble couple (Blorzen and Anastafari) and how their lives will fare like will there be tragedies or what.  I will not reveal what happens near the end of the book as I don’t want to spoil it for you but let me assure you that this is indeed a heartwarming tale and kind of reminds me of the Biblical couple Joseph and Mary and their search for a comfortable place to rest.  (This is one of the likable aspects of this book for me…)

I recommend this book to readers looking for a sci-fi/romance/family tale because I  forgot to mention earlier in this review that this book does not take place on earth but rather in an alternate universe but still with the same elements as we have here in our actual world.  That the rural Sorsani reminds me of the countryside and that the more advanced places the Skylynns visited like Cuflin and Kepca resembled our cities and suburbs.  Get this book today as it only costs a buck and that it will make you sigh and think of the younger days when you and your spouse just got married and were looking for a way to make ends meet.  Natomi’s storytelling skills are fresh and forthcoming.  She writes in a sincere way that will warm your heart and keep you reading on for continuous comfort and peace.  Buy her book today!