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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Publisher:  SAVOIR PRESS (First Edition)
Publication Date:  10 June 2015
Available online at AMAZON and BARNES AND NOBLE

A Saga Novel of Pride, Persistence, and Peril

Wow!  What a powerful tale of pride, persistence, and peril this one was.  Written by Patrick F Rooney, it is the tale of Irish lovers Brian O’Rourke and Elizabeth Reilly who met during the potato blight of their home country that sadly claims many of their fellow citizens’ lives.  It begins from the time the two become acquainted on the Irish island of Innisfree to the time they immigrate to America to the first years of the telegraph industry to the dreadful Civil War to the time when the automobile is as new as the world of social media is to us now. 

            It involves the art of music that is the main coping strategy for O’Rourke and Reilly, an ingredient that makes this book recommendable for the lover of the arts.  Additionally, it tells of forbidden love and the sufferings that comes with it which will quench the thirst of romance novel fans.  It has a hearty amount of bloodshed and rawness that will suit the reading interests of those who prefer masculine themes.  There is also the persistence that can inspire those who want to achieve their dreams without surrendering to their families’ opinions.  There is the passionate and solid Irish pride for all who love Ireland (and for those who feel the same for their own homelands before they came to the Americas as this book can make them relate in their own way), and also pieces of American history that will resonate with all American readers who grew up on it in schools and the media.  It is indeed a novel for all types of readers.    I should say here that it gives you an idea of how life was back then when America was still young and under development, where much of transportation between the East Coast and the West Coast, as well as from Europe to America, was extremely basic and had to take at least two weeks up to two months for a passenger to arrive at his or her final destination. 

            I enjoyed this book for what it is, a saga novel that tells of adventures and misfortunes of people since I am a person who appreciates struggles, journeys, and quests for success.  I thought the characters were solid and 3-D due to the way they are developed by Mr. Rooney, where every chapter is told from the first person point of view of important characters throughout the novel.  I thought this enabled me to look inside the souls of Brian and Elizabeth and endear them for their strengths as well as their weaknesses.  Another aspect of this novel I was amused by was the famous clash between Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants, it really made me smile there.  Haha.  On a final note, I encourage the adventurous reader (like myself) who will look beyond all the gross and graphic details to really grasp the beautiful meaning of life in this story.  How some people are strong and some are weak, how some are ambitious and some are lame.  How some are blessed and some are just fortunate.  How some are good as angels and others as wicked as the devil.  All in all, The Angel of Innisfree is a gem not to be overlooked.  Its story is universal and perilous, inspiring and courageous, worthy of a Hollywood movie someday.  Have a great day!   

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