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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Publication Date:  20 JUNE 2015
Available online at AMAZON and BARNES AND NOBLE

Angels, Demons, and the City

            Jennifer Crawley is your typical New York City gal.  She is slick, she is savvy, and she is sexy.  She holds an assistant position at a law firm, utilizes the city’s taxicab system (but also has her own car), and is head over heels in love with a strange guy named John who has supernatural traits that at first frightened her but later fascinated her.  If you are looking for a book for the upcoming weekend, then this one is the one you are looking for.  This book is action-packed and will make you turn its pages thirsting for more and more as you read it.  You will be reminded once again about the Biblical war between God and the devil.  Your Christian upbringing will be tapped once again (if you grew up on it).  If not, you will be introduced to the archangel Gabriel who takes his name from the heavenly being that supposedly visited the Virgin Mary (Mother of Jesus Christ) to bring her good news.  That Virgin Mary moment, however, was not revisited nor mentioned in this adventure though.

            John Phoenix is a stud with an archangel beneath his skin.  That’s right!  He was chosen by the archangel Gabriel for a purpose and it is to fight the devil and his minions wherever he goes.  John and Jennifer met when John pursued the latter to help her as she was marked by the devil for death.  John saves Jennifer’s life and she becomes so enthralled with him that she becomes set on knowing more about him and his personal life.  He confesses to Jen that he does not like his calling because he always dies a violent death every time he is in the process of saving someone.

            There are sexual situations.  There is a lot of the F-word in it but for me personally it gives the book a feeling of worldliness to it which is fine for marketing purposes.  I thought the book reminded me of a movie I saw earlier where people you thought you trusted and loved were actually wicked and were just doing their jobs for an evil greater cause.  There are humorous occasions and cringe moments altogether.  I found the conversations between Jennifer and her Black co-worker Laurel quite entertaining to which they refer to each other as “girl” instead of their first names.  This book’s only flaw lies in the way it is typographically structured.  But I’ll let you be the judge of that yourself. 

I read this book in just three days because it was catchy.  When I found out that there was a lively and outgoing White female character in it who had the hots for the macho and strong biracial guy character with powers from heaven, I told myself, this is definitely a first of its kind for me so I have to read it!  And I did and enjoyed it very much!  This is the first book from this author so I urge you to kindly support his sprouting literary career!     

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