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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Book Review #9: THE ZOMBIE ROOM by R.D. RONALD

Author:  R.D. RONALD
Publication Date:  10 APRIL 2016
Available online at AMAZON and BARNES AND NOBLE

Definitely Got Me Hooked Despite of My Convictions!

            Hey there bookworms!  How are you at the moment?  Good?  Great! I am going to talk about a book that I just finished reading earlier today that I misjudged to be boring and a slow read at that.  Yes.  This book is the one called, The Zombie Room, by author R.D. Ronald.  It started off dull for me but later became quite the crime thriller it promised to be.   Introductions to four diverse lead characters by the names of Mangle (Nicholas Garrette); Decker (Derek Rankin); Tazeem; and Tatiana opened up the book letting me in on their backgrounds and personal stories.  Mangle is a bathroom supplies salesman, Decker is a low-level drug dealer, Tazeem is a prayerful Muslim who “oversees redevelopment of rental properties” while Tatiana is a factory worker with dreams of traveling the world and doing “other things.”  Eventually, Mangle, Decker, and Tazeem cross each other’s paths and would go on to include Tatiana where they band together to fight a group of criminals in charge of luring and capturing girls for sex trafficking.  The novel is packed with surprises and plot twists that captured my attention all the way to the end.

            If you are looking for a book to keep you up all night or to take up your whole “free” weekend, then look no further than this one.  Like I said, in the beginning it started off kind of aimless, like the time when Mangle met a girl in a club and romanced with her to when Decker was living on drugs and stuff,  I maintained my patience and pushed on and got rewarded with lots of twists and surprises that satisfied my hunger for the unpredictable.  I also found out the horrific meaning behind the title that will have you cringing with shock and discomfort at the conditions victims of sex trafficking undergo if what this novel says is true and accurate.  It is a life a person would dare not venture into as it is inhumane and definitely sadistic to think about.  Got you curious?  Then order this book immediately!

            In my years of reading books, I liken this one to the author Sidney Sheldon’s works.  It is a book for not just lovers of crime thrillers but for romance bibliophiles too.  Be daring, be adventurous, and get on the R.D. Ronald wagon now!

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