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Sunday, March 5, 2017


Publication Date: 7 FEBRUARY 2017
Available online at AMAZON and BARNES AND NOBLE

Money Makes the World Go Round and Dark…

            Welcome to Las Vegas in the 1970’s, where gambling was operated by dangerous means and issues like marrying for wealth and looking for lucrative jobs after college graduation is nothing new!  Our leading man here is the shrewd Edwin Goldberg.  During the first chapters of the novel, he is presented as a recent college graduate with an MBA looking for an opportunity that will get him in the door to success.  However, he has a gold-digger of a girlfriend named Valerie who wants nothing but the good luxurious life any ambitious girl out of college would dream of.  Much to Edwin’s chagrin, his job search efforts become aimless and this causes Valerie to pick up her stuff and leave.  Edwin is heartbroken and becomes determined to make Valerie regret her decision someday vowing to work extra hard in landing a job to build himself up from a nobody to a somebody.  Luckily, he had a clipping of a job ad that caught his eye earlier that guaranteed a huge salary!  He contacted the person behind it, interviewed at that person’s office location, and was hired a few days later.  But he quickly discovers that this new job of his is linked to the Mob and from then on watches his actions making sure he does not get killed by them or jailed by the Police.

`           This novel opened with its author David Medansky’s words:

“You cannot worry about the past, what has been, you can only focus on the future, what will be.  If you dwell on what has been, you will miss what can be.  Sometimes good is found in the darkness of a soul.”

            I could interpret that last part as “good things occur when you are at the lowest point of your life.”  It could also mean “you can find goodness in a person who you’d never think would have it.”  I think this novel teaches us readers a valuable lesson that you must not dwell on what happened to you in the past but in order to lead a fruitful and successful life, you have to focus on what is ahead.  I could definitely relate to it because the more I plan ahead the more I find myself out of trouble, you know?  And that is why I greatly suggest this novel to you all!  You have to look under its contents to really learn the lessons about life there.  Edwin Goldberg was a “nobody” but he was always ambitious and looking towards the future that it made him live frugally and simplistically yet saving money in the long run.  The title of the novel is exactly what the money is in this tale of ambition, greed, and murder.  If you are looking for something that reminds you of the culture of gambling back in the 60’s and 70’s, then get this thriller immediately.  If you want a book that will capture your attention for a long period of time, this one’s waiting for you.  If you want a gift for that fresh out of college friend, son, or daughter of yours for their birthday, yes, this one’s screaming “order me now” at you!  I truly, greatly, enthusiastically advise you to go ahead and spend your money on this baby because you will thank me later for it!    

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