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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Publication Date:  APRIL 26, 2011
Available online at AMAZON and BARNES AND NOBLE

A Tale of Two Families and the Ranch Life

            Once upon a time, in the country state of Wyoming, where the snow is regarded with contempt and the people have to get by through manual labor and farming, there was the Swan family: diligent and striving for perfection.  Will Swan performed his husband and man-of-the-house duties quite perfectly while his female counterpart, his wife Gwen baked the perfect pies and devoted her free time to seeing their two children Rory and McKenna do good at their school.  While they were getting on with their lives, a woman and her son arrive and work for one of the Swans’ neighbors, Mr. Mather.  Her name was Meg Braeburn and her son, Jim.  Together these two families would come to know each other and work alongside each other quite nicely.  But just as with any two families collaborating, human imperfections have to interfere and this causes a major division between them by the middle of the book.

            I will not disclose a lot of details about the plot of this book but I have to say, all that I had learned while growing up between a man and his weaknesses are once again proven in this book.  I also came to discover that there are just some people who are unfortunate all their lives even though their families or their friends would try and try to better them through the course of time.  I felt like crying while reading this book because such perfection did not have to crumble in such a way.  I commend the author, Jamie Lisa Forbes for her storytelling skills.  The book was a masterpiece according to my standards.  The setting was just beautiful and intriguing for me who has never been to a ranch before.  The whole of the book was free of spelling and punctuation errors.  I could hug this book if I had to because of all that.

            If you are curious about the ranch life and want to delve in that world for a time, then this book is definitely what you are looking for.  If you have no experience with the ranch life and have doubts about this book, I assure you, you are in for a treat.  I had approached this book with reluctance when it was assigned to me but when I was done with the first chapter I was hooked!  It was fast-paced for me maybe it’s because I love familial, saga stories that include suspense, drama, romance, and a bit of Christianity in it.  Get it because it will keep you up all night hoping for the best outcome for such a dear set of characters.  This book gets a well-deserved 5 stars from me!

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