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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Book Review #23: TIME'S UP by R.A. JORDAN

Author: R.A. JORDAN
Publication Date: 19 OCTOBER 2015

Starts Off with a Bang and Will Keep You Up All Night!

            I read this one in a week because I had some other things going on in my personal life like my gig with Odyssey and my book collection efforts.  But to be honest, this one really is a quickie.  Alright, let me get right down to my review for you.  It started off with a bang.  From the first few pages, an old (maybe about in their late fifties to early sixties) couple was just returning from a New Year’s Eve Party that they had attended with both of their daughters who decided to stay late with their friends when they nearly collided with a rushing black car coming in the opposite direction but still in their lane.  The couple brushed it off and arrived home at their farm that they just bought three years prior.  They saw that their dog, Purdy, was fast asleep in their utility room because she had been given a sedative to calm her nerves since she was afraid of the noise made by fireworks that went off when the New Year rang in moments ago.  The couple, named Peter and Ann Wall, went straight to bed.

            The next day, Peter the husband woke up early to do his usual routine of driving Jumbo, his 1955 Series Two Land Rover to a solitary oak tree that stood on top of a mound that allowed him to view the house and outbuildings.  Well, as he drove Jumbo, something happened that got his head cut off and leaving him dead for good on New Year’s Day.  It was just a few hours later that Ann his wife woke up and went looking for him that she found him beheaded and deceased and changed her and her daughters’ lives from then on.  Now the mystery in the death was whether Peter had some type of plan to end his life this way or was he killed by someone else.  This brought in a slew of characters and unfortunate events that made this book a page-turner during this cold May 2017 for me. 

            I loved this book.  It was the pace I needed for my own personal enjoyment.  It did not drag on like some books I read and reviewed.  Nope.  This book had me reading from beginning to end hungry to find out what could have caused the uncanny death of Peter Wall.  The man isn’t just anybody.  He’s the owner of a company that makes a lot of profit and he has a lot of money ready to be bequeathed to his wife and two daughters if in the event that he dies.  Insurance I mean.  I am glad that I read this novel because it is set in England and Ireland.  It is a great glimpse into that part of the world as there are some terms featured and mentioned in it that seem foreign and un-American.  There are some places’ names that are similar to ones here in the East Coast like Grosvenor and Cheshire.  Anyway, to make this review short and simple, I assure you that you will not waste your money on this one if you are looking for a quick read for this upcoming summer season.  I guarantee it!   

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