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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Published Independently
Date of Publication: 28 MARCH 2017
Available from AMAZON.

A “Stay Strong” Account from a Hemiplegic Teenage Girl

            Addison D’Marko is a strong-spirited, diligent, and hemiplegic teenager who experienced a stroke at a very young age and therefore got paralyzed on her whole left side.  The book starts off with her in the hospital right after she went through brain surgery to stop her seizures that she had since she was three years old.  When she found out that her whole left side was paralyzed, she did not cry or feel bad about it.  Instead, she had a fit of laughter and that, to me, showed she was a positive go-getter.  That she took bad news and processed it into something humorous.  As much as it seemed sad, D’Marko did not let this fact slow her down from enjoying her life.  And that is why this book and account is a must read for anyone out there with a permanent/temporary disability to rise above it and make sure that he or she won’t surrender to its debilitating complications and so and so.

         This book is filled with what D’Marko did after she was paralyzed on her whole left side.  In it, she tells of the time she was in the hospital to the time she went back to finish her high school requirements to the time she was working at various places to the times when she was going through physical therapy to recover from her disability.  D’Marko’s storytelling skills are so easy to read and comprehend that it makes this book a quick read as I read it in just two days.  It can really provide encouragement for anyone who thinks that his or her disability is the endpoint of his or her life.  It makes one want to get up and do something in his or her life to succeed.  D’Marko’s spirit is very strong and she is a very independent individual as well.  Her employment that she tells about in this book, all part-time, heartens my heart that with the will and self-motivation, one will land a job no matter what one feels about a job.  All that matters is that you have a job and you are earning money and you are paying your bills.

         I recommend this book to everyone who is in a situation that has set him or her back from reaching a goal or realizing a dream.  With D’Marko’s independence and hard work, you will look at your hardship a whole different way.  The fact that she even wrote this book with the help of an editor, despite her paralysis, should tell you that you can do anything, you can be anything no matter your level of ability.  She proves in here that you are the key to your own success.  That you must not let your disability hinder you from getting on with your life.  If she can do it then we all can do it no matter our disabilities or shortcomings.  Get this book now for your own personal growth.  I really urge you to!

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