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Sunday, June 25, 2017


Date of Publication: 9 JANUARY 2017
Available from AMAZON or BARNES AND NOBLE.

The Beauty of Heaven As Told By Daniel

            The author of this book, Suzanne Gene Courtney, had a son named Daniel Robert Sayre, who died back in August 26, 1997 in Hawaii when he fell from a mountain ledge there.  Courtney tells in the preface of this book how she was heartbroken and how she and her remaining family went through a series of supernatural experiences where they felt his presence in dreams, how a photo of him would “continually fall off the wall at his grandmother’s house, and a shooting star on the night when he went missing.”  This book is an account of her communications with Daniel from beyond through a Christian medium she and her other family members talked to because of signs from Daniel from heaven where they (including the medium) believe he is at in his afterlife.

            Heaven Held’s entire body is made up of a dialogue between Courtney and Daniel where he tells her his experiences in heaven with the angels and the children that die and come there as their place for eternity.  He talks about how there is nothing but sweetness and glorious colors and happiness in heaven.  He reveals that the souls of children who have just made heaven their home go through a passage in order to achieve angelhood.  While reading about this, my heart sighs with wonder and awe thinking what it would feel like to become an angel in the kingdom of the Lord, basking and existing in the light of His aura and never experiencing any more struggle like it is here on Earth.  This book is very short but speaks volumes to how magnificent and blessed a soul (child or adult) will be when they are admitted to heaven and pass on to become beings known through history as all-good and all-loving.  It makes this book a must-read for everyone who has lost a loved one, especially a child.

            I recommend this book to anyone who believes in heaven, God, and angels.  I also recommend this book to those with a lost loved one questioning where and how his or her beloved is faring after death.  Just reading about the goodness of heaven and the angels in this book will assure you that the kingdom of God is one we ought to strive to achieve once we depart this world of ours.  Because when we are made aware of heaven and God and angels, we will not die unhappy but die happy knowing we will be in good hands after all.  Get this book today as it is Sunday and I know you are in need of positivity to get on with this temporary life we have down here on Earth.  God bless.  

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